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An Ingenious Code Hidden In The Works Of Leonardo Da VinciA Desperate Race Through The Cathedrals And Castles Of EuropeAn Astonishing Truth Concealed For Centuries Unveiled At LastWhile In Paris, Harvard Symbologist Robert Langdon Is Awakened By A Phone Call In The Dead Of The Night The Elderly Curator Of The Louvre Has Been Murdered Inside The Museum, His Body Covered In Baffling Symbols As Langdon And Gifted French Cryptologist Sophie Neveu Sort Through The Bizarre Riddles, They Are Stunned To Discover A Trail Of Clues Hidden In The Works Of Leonardo Da Vinci Clues Visible For All To See And Yet Ingeniously Disguised By The PainterEven Startling, The Late Curator Was Involved In The Priory Of Sion A Secret Society Whose Members Included Sir Isaac Newton, Victor Hugo, And Da Vinci And He Guarded A Breathtaking Historical Secret Unless Langdon And Neveu Can Decipher The Labyrinthine Puzzle While Avoiding The Faceless Adversary Who Shadows Their Every Move The Explosive, Ancient Truth Will Be Lost Forever

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    PLEASE do NOT recommend The Da Vinci Code to me because you think it s brilliant Please do not try to explain to me that it is a really interesting and eye opening book Just don t Please I ve read Iain Pear, I heart Foucault s Pendulum, Dashiell Hammett is my hero, Alan Moore is My Absolute Favorite, I listen to Coil on a fairly regular basis, and cloak n dagger secret society Priory of Sion Knights of Templar tinged num nums make me a very happy girl but if you truly believe that Brown s stupid airport thriller has ANY right whatsoever to be placed in the same category with Michael Wooden Dildo Dialogue Crichton, let alone Umberto Eco, kindly keep this opinion very far away from me, or the ensuing conversation we have will not be constructive or polite in any way.I loathe Dan Brown I resent him for spoon feeding the masses pseudo intellectual Holy Blood, Holy Grail D grade thriller shite under a pretense of real sophistication, and getting orally serviced by The New York Times for his effort.I d heard that the novel was meticulously researched and contained some really interesting and controversial assessments of religious zealotry Um, not really Well, not by my Merovingian standards, anyway DLet s put it this way If Dan Brown was teaching an Insurgent Christian Symbolism in Art and Literature 101 class at my local community college, I d definitely have a different opinion about him But NO Dan Brown is not a professor of anything but pap He is a barely competent thriller writer who wrote an AWFUL book that I could not bear to finish because I felt my IQ plummeting a little further with every Let s Go to Paris Guidebook description and blowhard authorial essay Oh, don t even get me started about those cute soliloquies the main characters are so fond of delivering, ever so calmly, often while cops n bovvers are chasing them.The characters are weakly drawn The dialogue is excruciating The research is shoddy and self serving at best The plot, no matter how open minded you are, is beyond ludicrous It s laughable enough to be incorporated into the next Indiana Jones movie That d be sweet, dude.What really irks me are Dan Brown s sanctimonious interviews, wherein he shows off all of his priceless antiques while expressing his abiding convictions that the American public needs a deeper appreciation of art and history and culture What a shallow, self aggrandizing hypocrite I m all for fictional subversion of the dominant Catholic paradigm, but only if the subverter knows what the hell they re talking about Brown DOESN T He s all la la la, connect the dots but the picture he comes up with is awkward and unconvincing.The DaVinci Choad is a dead easy, nay, downright lazy read, and yet droves of people are patting themselves on the back for having read and gasp actually understood it Like this is some spectacular achievement WHY What, because the slipcover describes it as erudite Are you fucking kidding me Don t believe the hype, kids You are profoundly intelligent than this holiday page turner gives you credit for.If you really, honestly, just plain liked the book, that s cool I guess Maybe you also prefer Anne Geddes to Alfred Stieglitz, Kenny G to Sidney Bechet, John Tesh to Igor Stravinsky Your prerogative Just please don t try to tell me that this is fascinating or meaningful literature Frickin read The Club Dumas or something Then we ll talk, and I won t want to shoot myself in the face.Alright, glad I purged that poison from my system Carry on.

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    most of us have heard of this controverisal book it takes an open minded person to read this and to remember it is just fiction but it brings up a lot of important questions about the Christian church, and the loss of paganism and the respect of the Goddess or the Woman I don t care if I am the only one who likes this book it is my own truth, and i will think what i want to think Dan Brown didn t LEAD me or anyone else he OPENED our minds simply and importantlyhe was just a catalyst for different thinking that is a good thingpoorly written or not.if you finish the book you will notice that Dan Brown even makes it clear to readers through his characters words, that he doesn t want to destroy christianity because it has done so much good for so many people, and if it works for them, let s let them continue to do what works for them but find your own path if you were or are a Christian ask yourself about the topics in this book They are so eye opening Jesus having a baby totally possiblenever thought of it before never thought of it is it true who knows Things like this are happening all the time todayWeapons of Mass destruction in Iraq sound familiar Maybe the church repressed information LIKE this because it was a threat to the church totally possible The catholic church creating the biblical canon with a political agenda to wipe out paganism actually this seems to be a fact women being oppressed due to the fear of religous zealot men in power losing their powernever looked at it that way but this seems to be a fact too is it helpful in broadening my perspective of the fact that christianity is just a religion made by fallible people it sure is does it open my mind to other faiths like paganism, judiasm, islam, bhuddism, and want to take the truths from all of them, and then THINK FOR MYSELF and figure out my own truth it sure doesand that is what this book has probably done for many other people why do you think Dan Brown s book was on the bestseller list for so longand became a movieobviously it was doing some good.

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    Four stars for pure entertainment value.However, Dave Barry s review gets five stars The Da Vinci Code, crackedby Dave BarryI have written a blockbuster novel My inspiration was The DaVinci Code by Dan Brown, which has sold 253 trillion copies in hardcover because it s such a compelling page turner NOBODY can put this book down MOTHER ON BEACH Help My child is being attacked by a shark LIFEGUARD looking up from The DaVinci Code Not now I just got to page 243, where it turns out that one of the men depicted in The Last Supper is actually a woman MOTHER I know Isn t that incredible And it turns out that she s .SHARK spitting out the child Don t give it away I m only on page 187 The key to The DaVinci Code is that it s filled with startling plot twists, and almost every chapter ends with a cliffhanger, so you have to keep reading to see what will happen Using this formula, I wrote the following blockbuster novel, titled The Constitution Conundrum It s fairly short now, but when I get a huge publishing contract, I ll flesh it out to 100,000 words by adding sentences.CHAPTER ONE Handsome yet unmarried historian Hugh Heckman stood in the National Archives Building in Washington, D.C., squinting through the bulletproof glass at the U.S Constitution Suddenly, he made an amazing discovery My God he said, out loud This is incredible Soon I will say what it is CHAPTER TWO What is it said a woman Heckman had never seen before who happened to be standing next to him She was extremely beautiful, but wore glasses as a sign of intelligence My name is Desiree Legume, she said.Heckman felt he could trust her Look at this he said, pointing to the Constitution My God, that s incredible said Desiree It s going to be very surprising when we finally reveal what we re talking about CHAPTER THREE Yes, said Hugh, incredible as it seems, there are extra words written in the margin of the U.S Constitution, and nobody ever noticed them until now They appear to be in some kind of code Let me look, said Desiree In addition to being gorgeous, I am a trained codebreaker Oh my God What is it asked Hugh in an excited yet concerned tone of voice The message, said Desiree, is But just then, the chapter ended.CHAPTER FOUR It s a fiendishly clever code, explained Desiree As you can see, the words say White House White House Bo Bite House, Banana Fana Fo Fite House, Fe Fi Mo Mite House, White House Yes, said Hugh, frowning in bafflement But what can it possibly mean If I am correct, said Desiree, it is referring to the White House My God said Hugh That s where the president lives Do you think Do I think what said Desiree I don t know, said Hugh But we re about to find out CHAPTER FIVE Hugh and Desiree crouched in some bushes next to the Oval Office We d better hurry up and solve this mystery, remarked Desiree anxiously It s only a matter of time before somebody notices that the Constitution is missing She had slipped it into her purse at the National Archives while the guard wasn t looking The answer must be here somewhere, said Hugh, studying the ancient document, which was brown from age and the fact that he had spilled Diet Peach Snapple on it Wait a minute he said I ve got it What said Desiree, her breasts heaving into view The answer said Hugh It s .But just then, shots rang out.CHAPTER SIX That was close remarked Desiree Fortunately, those shots had nothing to do with the plot of this book Yes, said Hugh Anyway, as I was saying, the answer is to hold the Constitution up so that it is aligned with the White House and the Washington Monument There, do you see what I mean My God said Desiree, seeing what he meant It s Hold it right there, said the president of the United States.CHAPTER SEVEN and so you see, concluded the president, you two uncovered a shocking and fascinating secret that, if it should ever get out, could change the course of history Mr President, said Desiree, thank you for that riveting and satisfying explanation, which will be fleshed out into much greater detail once there is a publishing contract Also, noted Hugh, we may use some beverage other than Snapple, depending on what kind of product placement deals can be worked out Good, said the president Now can I have the Constitution back They all enjoyed a hearty laugh, for they knew that the movie rights were also available

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    1 Illustrated Edition 2 , , The Name of the Rose 1980 1997 These books can t possibly compete with centuries of established history, especially when that history is endorsed by the ultimate bestseller of all time Faukman s eyes went wide Don t tell me Harry Potter is actually about the Holy Grail I was referring to the Bible , , , , , , Illustrated Edition Narrow Escapes 10 2013 19 2013The English ReviewFirst of all I hate Action books, thriller and just action novels I hate book would got that much of Facts that can sometimes got the equal pages of the novels events itself..I love fiction ,I adore fiction with a hint of fantasy ,that make me escapes of our realistic, raw, ugly most of times, unpleasant world to another different one..I m a big fan of Harry Potter although J.K Rowling successfully made me read her greedy, realistic, raw, ugly most of times, unpleasant world on The Casual Vacancyand even loving it So what kind of magic does Dan Brown got to make me fall in love with Robert Langdon s adventures Is it his mixing and blending the real historical events with his non stop thriller fiction I know some of the historical events he mention are true and some are not or are they Is it the characters itself The Mickey Mouse watch is amazing touch as a Disney s big fan Is it the talented story telling and the easy swift from a POV to another or Is it the melting of the wall between the Hard and Row REAL Facts,Historical Events and Symbols meanings and Enjoying reading about it WITHOUT being an expert or even interested to know about them from the start All of what I can say is that the search and hunt of that kind of a thriller novel,A SMART thriller is set for me by Dan Brown with these 2 novels Angels and Demons and the squeal The Da Vinci Code March 2014

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    This is a pretty formulaic page turner, a fun quick read Written at about the level of the average Nancy Drew mystery, it is best appreciated at that level As far as the content, there are howlers on virtually every page starting with the hero who looks like Harrison Ford in Harris tweed and is a Professor of Religious Symbology at Harvard good work if you can find it You have to ignore very pulpy, cheesy writing to enjoy this romantic thriller.Intended as a book that a dedicated reader could finish in a day, or something you take to the beach and casually finish in a weekend, The Da Vinci Code makes for a reasonable airline novel, so much so that it is often a bit clunky in its desire to ensure that no intellectual effort on the reader s part will be required Here s a recurring example in this novel a bit of unfamiliar terminology, say crux gemmata jeweled cross will will be explained on page N, then on page N 1, a character will finger his jeweled cross and explain, Oh, yes this is a crux gemmata I ve read dinner menus that were demanding on the reader My wife and I both read about a third of it in a day, sharing the same copy, and that s a full work day plus taking care of kids, bedtime, etc That s also a kind of virtue, I guess it s fast and peppy.As far as history goes, Dan Brown apparently thinks that most historians give credence to the hoary forgeries and frauds promoted in sensationalist best sellers like Holy Blood, Holy Grail This author gets the best of both worlds simultaneously claiming that it s just fiction, while introducing the novel with claims that the historical record contained within is fact That claim is ridiculous To pluck a random example, he spends some time talking about the Council of Nicaea, and incorrectly summarizes it as the origin of the doctrine of Christ s divinity by Constantine He ignores the Arian controversy out of which it arose, which is like trying to explain the Treaty of Versailles without mentioning World War I He ignores the documented fact, agreed upon even by the cheerleaders of the gnostics that he is sympathetic to, that the earliest gnostic doctrines held that Christ was purely God, and not really man the very reverse of the doctrine that serves as the linchpin of his novel s intellectual base such as it is This is a bad novel for weak or misinformed Christians, but anyone familiar with history should spot the train wreck of Brown s ideas a mile off.Oh yes, and in Brown s world, Opus Dei has shadowy assassin monks in real life, Opus Dei is not a monastic order there are no Opus Dei monks, let alone trained assassins , and the Catholic Church has been promulgating known lies as its central dogmas, promotes violence throughout the world, and has been retarding the progress of science and knowledge for 2 millennia Brown leaves the reader with the impression that this, too, is a matter of settled historical record Oh, but then again, it s just fiction Except when it s not.In general, if you re looking for a heady thriller wrapped around Christian arcana, I d recommend Umberto Eco s excellent The Name of the Rose, not this dumbed down, by the numbers novel.

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    A 80% Very Good Notes Excessive exposition and ludicrous writing discolor an otherwise captivating, thought provoking, page turning read.

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    A thriller devoid of pacing or exciting language A mystery devoid of clues, foreshadowing, or facts A tell all of half truths based upon a forged document written by a schizophrenic conman A character driven modern novel devoid of character The second draft of Angels and Demons Page turning action thanks to the literary equivalent of pulling out at the moment of orgasm A spiritual awakening built on new age conspiracy theory This book is many things, and none of them good, new, or interesting However, it is an excellent litmus test for idealistic delusion.Upon the first reading, I must admit I found it a bit interesting, but then I turned the final page, and there was no bibliography No explanation of how the author became familiar with all the concepts he claimed to faithfully portray He wrote this book and pretended it was a history book, and then refused to support it in any way And any history you can t check up on is a bad one He s no better than James Frey In fact, he may be worse, since I know people who base their religious beliefs on this book, whereas Frey s only crime was wishing he was Scarface And really, what macho thirtysomething male doesn t Brown had good reasons for hiding his sources they were forged by con man Pierre Plantard and snuck into the Bibliotheque National in Paris back in the seventies And it s not like Plantard got away with it, either the whole Priory of Sion thing was debunked thirty years before this book was even written.The artistic iconography that figures heavily into the mystery is also completely made up, and was declared ludicrous by an art history professor of my acquaintance There are a lot of well known symbols and allusions in classic art, but none of them resemble Brown s claims The whole hinge on which the plot turns the notion that an inverted triangle is automatically symbolic of women makes about as much sense as declaring that the use of the swastika by 3rd century, BC Buddhists was proof that they were fascists.The rest of Brown s book is filled with the sort of cliched religious conspiracies you get from your first year as a theology student Not only that, but these conspiracies were already explored by better writers in Foucault s Pendulum and the Illuminatus Trilogy.Well, I ve already done legitimate historical research on this review than Brown did in his whole book, so I guess I ll call it a day.

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    OKAY PEOPLE someone let me in on the gag because between the cries of Greatest Book of Greaty Greatness EVER and the screams of Lamest Load of Lamey Lameness EVER , my itty bitty brain is left very So post Hype a ganza, I finally got around to reading this popular, polarizing, pop culture icon and thought it was.drum roll FINE sigh It was a solid read with a slight lean towards the eh side of MEH and few moments of genuine that s neat I don t see all the love and I don t see all the rage Other than the obvious religious flavor of the content, it reminded me of your typical page turning, popcorn beach read and I thought it accomplished its goal in decent, if unremarkable, fashion Now I have a strict don t ask, don t tell, don t mock, don t preach approach when it comes to religiousness so I am going to ignore the bird flipping Vatican bash aspects of the story, though I can certainly see people on both sides of the fence having epic rah rah or epic fail reactions and I respect that For me, it didn t move my needle much in either direction beyond my fondness for the big hidden history mystery which is something I generally really enjoy The plot of this one has been talked to death and beyond so rather than adding one jelly bean to the jar, I thought I would just run down a few likes and dislikes about the story and leave it at that TURN ONS 1 Conspiracy theories are just fully fun and I am a major sucker for plots concerning shadow histories and secret people doing secret things behind secret doors for reasons that are SHHHHHHH I love a good conspiracy Find me a rumor involving Kim Kardashian being a Bilderberger and using a secret banking pipeline running from Area 51 through Microsoft to the Saudi Royal Family and laundering vast monies to be used to coordinate the sale of Boise, Idaho to a mysterious consortium headed by Jay Z and Justin Bieber who will then turn the city into a giant quasi government facility used for the testing of alien cloning technology .and I am glued to my seat and ONE HAPPY FELLA 2 Knights Templar As much as I love conspiracies in general, when you throw the Knights Templar into the mix, it s gonna perk me up better than a latte enema I am always in favor of having them show up as a lynch pin to any massive global plot The Knights Templar are like caramel on ice cream and just make a good conspiracy better I had a lot of fun with the rehash of the Templar s place in the center of EVERYTHING 3 Symbology, Da Vinci and the Holy Grail the IDEA I thought the major plot components themselves were interesting and I enjoyed following the hidden clues, messages, riddles and the tie in to all of the famous historical artifacts It was fun I also liked the historical significance of the search i.e., the big reveal and the implications to the world if revealed TURN OFFS 1 Symbology, Da Vinci and the Holy Grail the EXECUTION As much as I enjoyed the plot concept, the execution of the story was often frustrating and occasionally insulting I m not talking about the clunky, serviceable at best prose as that s gotten enough play without my squirting lighter fluid on the bonfire My issue is with Dan feeling the need to spoon feed me details about his oh so clever plot so that my economy sized brain could grasp it For example, there would be a reveal that I thought was interesting.and then Dan would exhaust me with explaining EXACTLY what that meant and EXACTLY what the implications were and make sure I knew EXACTLY what he had told me I get it Mr Brown, heard you the first time 2 THRILLer killing amounts of PLOD For a page turning, actiony thriller, there was just too much sideways movement of the plot and some really unnecessary amounts of plod to the narrative Part of this has to do with the excessive hand holding Dan does with his audience mentioned above However, there are also WAY too much time spent slowing down to take a look around and where we are and where we ve been I started getting the impression that Brown was trying to hit a particular page count for the book and didn t have anything but filler to loan the pages with This is never a good thing for this kind of story 3 The End Not a big fan of the final resolution of the story and I found it very un climaxy and a bit of a let down Once we have the big reveal, very little new information ever really got added to the picture and I felt like my curiosity should have been stroked a few times than it was in the home stretch This lack of satisfying climax left me with a serious case of blue brain Still, overall, this was a good, serviceable mystery thriller that seems tailor made for a warm afternoon on the sand It isn t great literature, or even good literature, but it is a good thriller, a good concept and, for the most part, fun It seems to accomplish pretty much exactly what it set out to do 2.5 to 3.0 stars.

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    The Da Vinci Code Robert Langdon 2 , Dan BrownThe Da Vinci Code is a 2003 mystery thriller novel by Dan Brown It follows symbologist Robert Langdon and cryptologist Sophie Neveu after a murder in the Louvre Museum in Paris causes them to become involved in a battle between the Priory of Sion and Opus Dei over the possibility of Jesus Christ having been a companion to Mary Magdalene 2007 1384 336 9647533764 1385 1384 462 964570340 1385 1384 462 9649582541 1385 571 9642569264 1119 1188