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World Goddesses Goddess Gift World Goddesses Goddess Names A Guide Names of the goddesses from Greek mythology names from Roman legends goddesses Egyptian Celtic Slav African and Asia from every distant corner of the Great Mother Earth So many god and goddess names The Names of Goddesses and the Cultures From Which They Arose How can Goddesses a world of myth and magic Book Get this from a library Goddesses a world of myth and magic Burleigh Mutn; Rebecca Guay Mitchell Brief entries for each goddess include information about where each goddess comes from a description of her powers anecdotes and stories that shed light on her nature and sometimes details about Goddesses a World of Myth and Magic Goddesses a World of Myth and Magic Books ca Skip to main content Try Prime EN Hello Sign in Account Lists Sign in Account Lists Returns Orders Try Prime Cart Books Go Search Hello Select your address About For Books In a World of Gods and PDF In a World of Gods and Goddesses The Mystic Art of Indra Sharma Full Colection Yirmiyahu Romeo Full E book Egyptian Mythology A Guide to the Gods Goddesses and Traditions of Ancient Egypt sebiki Full version Celtic Mythology Tales of Gods Goddesses and Heroes Best Sellers Rank dirziverko Basher History Mythology Oh My Gods and Goddesses World goddesses the most beautiful women World goddesses the most beautiful women a membres War Goddesses of the Ancient World Learn Religions While in the ancient world most of the fighting was done by men there was occasionally a woman who made her mark militarily Likewise while most of the war gods were male there were also war goddesses some of whom doubled as love and fertility goddesses World Goddesses Photography Series by Jeannie The World Goddesses series is an ongoing art project by North Carolina based photographer Jeannie Nadja aka Jeannie Wheeler World Goddesses the most beautiful women World Goddesses the most beautiful women likes talking about this Community Navratri Take a look at Top actors who Last Updated th October IST Navratri Take A Look At Top Actors Who Played Divine Goddesses On Television Navratri From Mouni Roy as Durga to Akanksha Puri as Parvati take a look at five actors who nailed the role of Goddesses on Television Major Gods and Goddesses in Norse Mythology Odin is the head of the Aesir gods Odin is the Norse god of war poetry wisdom and death He gathers his portion of the slain warriors in Valhalla Odin has a spear Grungir that never misses He makes sacrifices including his eye for the sake of knowledge Odin is also mentioned in the Ragnark legend of the end of the world Goddesses A World of Myth and Magic Muten Goddesses A World of Myth and Magic Hardcover – August by Burleigh Muten Author Rebecca Guay Illustrator out of stars ratings See all formats and editions Hide other formats and editions Price New from Used from Hardcover Please retry Hardcover August Hardcover Used from Goddesses Around the World Jul Readers know that my Avatar Crystal Blue travels the world meeting and learning from the world's ancient goddesses Here are some she might encounter during her year long journey See ideas about Ancient goddesses Isis goddess Goddess Lists of deities Wikipedia This is an index of lists of deities of the different religions cultures and mythologies of the world List of deities by classification; Lists of deities by cultural sphere; List of goddesses; List of deities in fiction; List of people who have been considered deities; see also Apotheosis Imperial cult and sacred king; Names of God epithets of gods of monotheistic religions Groupe public World Goddesses the most beautiful women World Goddesses the most beautiful women a membres WORLD GODDESSES THE MOST BEAUTIFUL WOMEM ESTE UM GRUPO DE PURA SENSUALIDADE Goddesses of Greek Mythology ThoughtCocom is The goddesses epitomize certain prized ancient female roles including virgin and mother of Aphrodite Greek Goddess of Love Miguel Navarro Stone Getty Images Aphrodite is the Greek goddess of beauty love and sexuality She is sometimes known as the Cyprian because there was a cult center of Aphrodite on Cyprus Aphrodite is the mother of the god of love Eros She is the World goddesses the most beautiful women World goddesses the most beautiful women a membres Goddesses The World God Only Knows Wiki The Jupiter Sisters commonly known as the Goddesses are heavenly deities that paved the way to the creation of New Hell That fact is not known by the inhabitants of New Hell however aside from its architects and a few members of the Runaway Spirit Suad Background Goddess Abilities Trivia The heroic sacrifice of the goddesses involved the sealing of Old Hell along with A Z Gods and Goddesses Plant Associations A For those who need a reference to gods and goddesses and their magical plant associations here’s our A Z list The deities are not categorized by culture or origin Knowing the magical plants associated with your deities will help you learn as well as give ideas of appropriate offerings If your god or goddess isn’t included please leave a comment Goddesses and Magical Plant World Goddesses World Goddesses has members Major Gods and Goddesses in Norse Mythology Odin is the head of the Aesir gods Odin is the Norse god of war poetry wisdom and death He gathers his portion of the slain warriors in Valhalla Odin has a spear Grungir that never misses He makes sacrifices including his eye for the sake of knowledge Odin is also mentioned in the Ragnark legend of the end of the world

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    ★ true rating 35 stars ★Overall this was pretty cute it showcases 2 3 goddesses on each page The goddesses are organized in alphabetical order but there is also a chart in the back of the book that has them organized by regionculture which I thought was a nice touchThere are 100 goddesses featured and each has a 3 5 sentence blurb with full and half page illustrations sprinkled throughoutThis was a very easy read and a cute introduction to mythology I just found some of the copy lacking Picture Books About Goddesses Mythologythese books feature myths from all over the world and include sources Changing Woman and Her Sisters Stories of Goddesses from Around the World★★★★☆Features 10 goddesses each has 1 full page illustration and 3 5 pages of copy includes a short intro blurb and story Book of Goddesses★★★☆☆Features 26 goddesses each has 1 full page illustration and 1 full page of copy Legendary Ladies 50 Goddesses to Empower and Inspire You☆☆☆☆☆Features 50 goddesses each has 1 full page illustration and 1 full page of copy Goddesses A World of Myth and Magic★★★★☆Features 100 goddesses organized in alphabetical order each goddess has a very short blurb with full and half page illustrations sprinkled throughout The Lady of Ten Thousand Names☆☆☆☆☆Features 8 goddesses each has 1 full page illustration and a few pages of copy

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    Burleigh Mutén profiles one hundred and seven goddesses in this lovely encyclopedia of female divinities Beginning with Aataentsic the Irouois creation goddess who fell to earth and created the world on the back of a turtle to the Zorya the three Slavic goddesses of destiny each figure is given a brief blurb describing their cultural origin their role in their respective cultures and any sacred animals or objects associated with them Each page contains one or two entries one of which includes a small illustration Full page illustrations are also included and there are decorative borders on each page An index of culturalgeographic origin is included at the rear as is a list of sourcesI initially tracked down Goddesses A World of Myth and Magic because I was interested in seeing of the artwork of Rebecca Guay after loving her illustrations in Louise Hawes' Muti's Necklace The Oldest Story in the World I was not disappointed on that score finding the visuals here absolutely gorgeous The text itself was informative presenting a wealth of figures with which I was already familiar and some with which I was not Unfortunately there were a number of entries where Mutén got things wrong either by conflating related figures or by separating figures that should have been discussed together She profiles Babd and Macha but does not mention that they are part of the tripartite Irish goddess the Morrígan In her entry on Macha she uses the stories of Macha wife of Cruinniuc and Macha Mong Ruad and treats them as if they are the same figure Many scholars believe that they are related but in medieval Irish literature they are presented as separate people A similar conflation occurs in the entry on Cailleach Beara as the 'Hag of Beara' most strongly associated with the Beara Peninsula in southwestern Ireland is confused with the Scottish Cailleach Bheur sometimes known by scholars as Beira ueen of Winter Again these figures are believed by scholars to be related but they are not synonymous and should not be treated as if they were the same figureAnother area of concern was the entry on Shekinah which I have always understood to be a mystical concept within Judaism and to a lesser extent Christianity and Islam and which signifies the feminine side of the divine In none of these traditions all of which are monotheistic is Shekinah a goddess I understand that some anthropologists have argued that she is but if one is going to use a figure that comes from a specific tradition and not discuss what it means in that tradition focusing rather on an outlier theory it begins to feel selective to the point of misinformation I had the same feeling about Mutén's entry on the Virgin of Guadalupe whom she describes as an Aztec goddess of mercy and compassion While she does discuss the visions of this figure that appeared in Mexico in 1531 she never once mentions the words Christianity or Catholicism nor does she make it clear that this figure is considered a manifestation of the Virgin MarySuch an extraordinary omission can only result from a deliberate attempt to edit out any information that doesn't support the idea that the figure under discussion is a goddess Which brings me to my final criticism to wit that a number of figures included here are not goddesses in the traditional sense A number of the Greek figures although part of the mythology of that culture are not divine The human Pandora for instance or the nymph Echo I noticed a similar trend with some of the Native American entries where figures like Wild Pony the first woman in Apache tradition who is instructed by a spirit being but is herself human is treated as a goddessMythology and folklore are complicated and intertwined subjects and I understand that in an encyclopedia of this nature not every detail can be included That said some of the entries here were so simplified andor incorrect that I deducted a star from my rating I enjoyed it particularly for the artwork and I think it presents some interesting information but I also think it is flawed I couldn't help feeling as I finished the book that those flaws were the result of an editorial stance that wanted to fit the existing lore into a ready made goddess positive worldview How else to explain the almost universally positive description of figures some of whom ruled over such terrible domains as warfare and death? Recommended primarily to Rebecca Guay fans although readers interested in an introduction to world goddesses might also benefit from it provided they research the figures in uestion themselves to get the fuller accurate picture

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    This book is essentially an encyclopedia of goddesses Starting with A—Aataentsic Irouois Aditi Hindu Ama terasu Japan and Aphrodite Artemis and Athena Greece—and ending with Z—Zaramama Peru Zoe Gnostic and the Zorya Czechoslovakia—there's a short description of each goddess and her powers along with a pronunciation guide to their names I love the illustrations by Rebecca Guay Some of my favorites that I could find online were Athena Yemoja the Junkgowa sisters and Elli arm wrestling Thor I think one of my favorite goddesses is the very first one Aataentsic whose husband was jealous that her power was stronger than his own He dared her to jump through a hole in the sky so he could get rid of her; seeing the beautiful world below Aataentsic dove through and landed on the back of the giant turtle that became Turtle Island the Earth

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    this book has always been one of my favorites my childhood comes to life again when i hold this book in my hands i love greek myths and gods and goddesses im like obsessed this book has amazing illustrations i love how goddesses from all over the world are included in this jewel of a book i luv it my thanks to the illustrator and author

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    I picked this up because it was by the woman who wrote two of my favorite compilations of goddess artpoetryarticlesreferencesetc Even though it is an alphabetical children's who's who' to Goddesses the art work is so magically breathtaking through the entire thing

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    Bought it for my favorite illustrator Rebecca Guay and will give it to my kid someday for the beauty

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    I bought this one for the art but was surprised with some interesting stories of female mythological figures The art on itself is two stars but the rest isn't too shabby either

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    What a beautiful book I was inclined to like this book regardless because of the subject matter I'm a sucker for mythology and lore and happily I was not disappointed Necessarily because of the format the goddesses are presented alphabetically there wasn't a lot of information given about each one and being a children's book the goddesses were de fanged a bit But I was pleased with the variety of cultures included There could definitely have been African and Native American deities herein but the fact that there were several of each puts this ahead of many other anthologies And the pictures are glorious I want to own this book to be able to refer back often for inspiration and I can think of little praise higher than that

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    Absolutely beautiful More encyclopedic than a book of retellings Each goddess gets about a paragraph It's a fascinating overview and introduction It is fairly European centric though There are goddesses from around the world included but Europe has the most mainly Greece Rebecca Guay's illustrations are incredible

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    Another book where the illustrations by Rebecca Guay one of my favorite artists drew me to the book The illustrations are excellent as always; the information about the godesses somewhat sparse I do like how several countries were covered