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A Distinguished Psychiatrist From Martinique Who Took Part In The Algerian Nationalist Movement, Frantz Fanon Was One Of The Most Important Theorists Of Revolutionary Struggle, Colonialism, And Racial Difference In History Fanon S Masterwork Is A Classic Alongside Edward Said S Orientalism Or The Autobiography Of Malcolm X, And It Is Now Available In A New Translation That Updates Its Language For A New Generation Of ReadersThe Wretched Of The Earth Is A Brilliant Analysis Of The Psychology Of The Colonized And Their Path To Liberation Bearing Singular Insight Into The Rage And Frustration Of Colonized Peoples, And The Role Of Violence In Effecting Historical Change, The Book Incisively Attacks The Twin Perils Of Post Independence Colonial Politics The Disenfranchisement Of The Masses By The Elites On The One Hand, And Intertribal And Interfaith Animosities On The OtherFanon S Analysis, A Veritable Handbook Of Social Reorganization For Leaders Of Emerging Nations, Has Been Reflected All Too Clearly In The Corruption And Violence That Has Plagued Present Day Africa The Wretched Of The Earth Has Had A Major Impact On Civil Rights, Anticolonialism, And Black Consciousness Movements Around The World, And This Bold New Translation By Richard Philcox Reaffirms It As A Landmark

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    Fans of Conrad, Morrison, Friere Lovers of Things Fall Apart, Les Mis rables, The Hunger Games Definers of postcolonialism, social justice, revolution Members of the military, political parties, life itself Think on the lies you live by.The parameters do not matter Neither do your excuses If you are for peace, you are for it completely, or you are not for it at all If you condone violence in any amount, the memorial, the dramatizations, the history of your people, you condone it all When it comes to crimes against humanity, there is no compartmentalization.A country colonizes another The colonizer breaks down the people, breaks down the culture, and bleeds the country dry The colonized develops a pecking order, a few imbibing the parasitic infection to an extraordinary degree while the rest succumb to violence, starvation, madness The colonizer manipulates these unavoidable results of unholy oppression into an argument, a Western science proving the natural degeneracy of the colonized, this concept of science having as much truth to it as this concept of Western Better to call it Atlantic , the northeastern corner countries of this seascape infecting every other country within reach The native must realize that colonialism never gives anything away for nothing.Nor will we acquiesce in the help for underdeveloped countries being a program of sisters of charity This help should be the ratification of a double realization the realization by the colonized peoples that it is their due, and the realization by the capitalist powers that in fact they must pay. Independence Independence Independence is the colonial country making certain concessions to certain people in return for certain benefits Independence is those colonized souls, infected with Atlantic ideologies and addicted to a level of life standards, choosing the bourgeois over their country as a whole, assuming a well paying part of the colonizers remaining structure and descending into depraved senility accordingly Rich is rich and poor is poor, and in times of revolution the contempt of urban academic for rural masses is just as misguided and virulent The result is a stunted obscenity pandering at the colonizers ideal there is no true independence without the entirety of the people That famous dictatorship, whose supporters believe that it is called for by the historical process and consider it an indispensable prelude to the dawn of independence, in fact symbolizes the decision of the bourgeois caste to govern the underdeveloped country first with the help of the people, but soon against them.Because it is bereft of ideas, because it lives by its heredity incapacity to think in terms of all the problems of the nation as seen from the point of view of the whole of that nation, the national middle class will have nothing better to do than to take on the role of manager for Western enterprise, and it will in practice set up its country as the brothel of Europe. White is white and black is black, until you realize it is not a question of racism but an endemic of the comfort of the individual versus the blossoming of the people What is at stake here is not What do I have to lose , but What am I losing The question is not of violence or non violence, unless you apply it to the whole spectrum of history and look just why exactly we have France and the U.S and how morality is a pitiful question when put into the context of that next mouthful of bread Neither is the former colonies catching up to the colonizers the solution, for the latter only exceeds in terms of capacity, in both speed and completeness, for obliteration of other and self In the colonial context the settler only ends his work of breaking in the native when the latter admits loudly and intelligibly the supremacy of the white man s values.The passion with which native intellectuals defend the existence of their national culture may be a source of amazement but those who condemn this exaggerated passion are strangely apt to forget that their own psyche and their own selves are conveniently sheltered behind a French or German culture which has given full proof of its existence and which is uncontested. Fact countries that have progressed beyond Middle Age levels did so through brutal exploitation Fact countries that were exploited will return to near Middle Age levels if all colonizer influence is cut off Fact the fact that Germany is back on its feet while the Third World continues to exist is not a matter of justice, but international economic dependencies Fact First World inhabitants may have nipples to suck, but that is a matter of luck, not sociocultural fortitude or their health as a human being Fact the slogan of the Western world is torture, and torture includes brainwashing They find out on the spot that all the piles of speeches on the equality of human beings do not hide the commonplace fact that the seven Frenchmen killed or wounded at Col due Sakamody kindles the indignation of all civilized consciences, whereas themassacre of whole populations which had merely called forth the Sakamody ambush as a reprisal all this is of not the slightest importance. If your country has never been discredited on all levels of life, you don t understand If your history has never been castrated and left to desiccate for centuries on end, you don t understand If your existence has never been deemed by scientific communities to be a degenerate one in need of taming, you don t understand If you have lived with hope longer than without, you don t understand If you have given up your right to politically participate on any level due to middling inconvenience or panderings at anarchy, you will never, ever, understand To educate the masses politically does not mean, cannot mean, making a political speech What it means is to try, relentlessly and passionately, to teach the masses that everything depends on them that if we stagnate it is their responsibility, and that if we go forward it is due to them too, that there is no such thing as a demiurge, that there is no famous man who will take the responsibility for everything, but that the demiurge is the people themselves and the magic hands are finally only the hands of the people.Everything can be explained to the people, on the single condition that you really want them to understand. If you don t understand that First World and Third World are labels signifying nothing but a world that likes to pit one lie against the other, if you don t understand the relationship between the oppression abroad and the violence at home, if you are willing to take the amputation of your individual satisfactions from the communal good lying down, you are doomed Two centuries ago, a former European colony decided to catch up with Europe It succeeded so well that the United States of America became a monster, in which the taints, the sickness, and the inhumanity of Europe have grown to appalling dimensions.A government or a party gets the people it deserves and sooner or later a people gets the government it deserves. Don t tell me you believe in the future Tell me why, and how, and just what you are going to do about it In your opinion, what should we have done I don t know But you are a child and what is happening concerns grown up people But they kill children too That is no reason for killing your friend Well, kill him I did Now you can do what you like

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    This book is angry passionate, but written with great clarity and purpose It is the classic critique of colonialism from the Marxist left with a powerful introduction by Sartre It is written before Vietnam, before the changes in the sixties and by an eminent psychiatrist enmeshed in the struggle for freedom in Algeria Fanon examines nationalim, imperialism and the colonial inheritance and manages to turn the traditional definition of the lumpenproletariat on its head.There are significant problems with the book which are clear now This is a very male book The struggle is by men and the book is, on the surface, for men When Fanon talks about intellectuals he refers to them as men This was the zeitgeist of the left at the time, before feminism made an impact It would be written differently today The chapters about psychiatric disorders is very good and the descriptions gut wrenching although many of the symptoms described would today be identified as post traumatic stress disorder What this book really does of course is give you a sense of colonialism in Africa the devastation and injustice The opening of the book caused great controversy decolonization is always a violent phenomenon People since have argued that the chapter on the necessity of violence is powerful, of course, but exaggerated and a bit over the top Written in the heat of conflict However, what we forgot is that the original colonization was much violent and horrific It can hardly be expected that at the end of empire and colonization people wave their colonial masters goodbye with a cheery Thanks for all the fun Fanon understood this very well It is a lesson we still have not learnt and we are still making the same mistakes with very similar results.

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    My favorite part of this book was the chapter called On Colonialism and Psychoanalysis where Fanon talks about how psychology can be used to colonize and control people, and details how the French scientific community criminalized and pathologized Algerian people through psychology to further colonialism and racism These concepts are central to radical disability activism and Disability Studies today, and Fanon originally published Wretched of the Earth in 1961 I had a hard time with the completely masculinist lens of Fanon s conception of the colonized subject A good example of this was the psychological sketch of a man who was, in Fanon s theory, traumatized by colonization and manifested this by becoming impotent because his wife had been raped The sketch actually ended with the guy being quoted as saying why did she have to tell me about it and Fanon s focus was the guy s impotence, with no exploration of this woman s or any other woman s experience of rape and other violence connected with colonization I also found the theory to be pretty dense and hard to get through It s a pivotal historical work, written in the context of armed struggle at a particular point in history It was good to read it because the theory has influenced many people whose work I like, such as Augusto Boal or David Roediger, and it s interesting to be able to pinpoint that influence easily now.

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    When we revolt, it is not for a particular culture We revolt simply, because for many reasons, we can no longer breathe.This is one of those big important books which affected lots of peoples thinking and influenced nearly everything written after it on the subject, which makes it very difficult to say anything new about it That said, I ll write down my reactions anyway Aside from the incisive writing style, the other main point a reader might notice how much Fanon manages to cram into three hundred pages There are meditations on the use of violence by the oppressor to the oppressed and vice versa the psychology of the racist and the target of racism on what is necessary to create a new culture unencumbered by the shackles of colonial dictation on the role of native intellectuals who have cozied up to the colonizer and the pitfalls of any revolutionary state after the colonizer is thrown out Mainly, how to prevent economic conflicts and tribal religious divisions from tearing a new nation apart There s an especially part mentioned in Colin s review on the abuse of psychology as a tool for racism This is informed by Fanon s own expertise as a psychiatrist, and is a useful tool for understanding how racism can disguise itself in scientific language For a contemporary example, anybody who brings up IQ scores as the sole determining factor in a discussion about poverty.Not everything he says here will match up with experiences today That s expected His life as a black man in colonial Martinique and in the Algerian War will be not quite the same as a black man today That s historical context Still, he says so much that is important and worth knowing that it is necessary to read him as a tool for understanding psychology or a different personal perspective.

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    Les Damn s de la terre The Wretched of the Earth, Frantz FanonThe Wretched of the Earth French Les Damn s de la Terre is a 1961 book by Frantz Fanon, in which the author provides a psychiatric and psychologic analysis of the dehumanizing effects of colonization upon the individual and the nation, and discusses the broader social, cultural, and political implications inherent to establishing a social movement for the decolonization of a person and of a people 1977 1336 288 1357 193 1945 1962 20 .

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    Deep in the bowels of libraries, past the celebrity memoirs and adventure stories, tattered in the stacks, there are dark things books that are actively, overtly dangerous Here s one now.Frantz Fanon s 1961 classic The Wretched of the Earth is about violence it champions violence It s a manual on how to be violent Fanon is a genius, so it s seductive It s like The Prince for African revolutionaries concerned not with your bourgeois morals but with results Here, let s summarize it with a Game of Thrones gif That s what the kids are doing, right This is a little bit of an oversimplification, some recent defenders say Fanon France FAN un, less difficult than I thought it would be isn t advocating violence for violence s sake he wouldn t choose violence if he thought there was another option He just thinks nonviolence is absurd He sees violence as an inevitable response to colonialism, which is by definition violent It s not that he s rooting for it it s that he sees it The exploited realize that their liberation implies using every means available, and force is the first And yet When someone writes as eloquently and convincingly that violence is the first option, he is championing it Decolonization reeks of red hot cannonballs and bloody knives, he says For the last can be the first only after a murderous and decisive confrontation between the two protagonists Mandela in South Africa would show, decades after Fanon s death in 1961, that nonviolence can sortof work Fanon was dismissive of leaders like Mandela The unpreparedness of the educated classes, the lack of practical links between them and the mass of the people, their laziness, and, let it be said, their cowardice at the decisive moment of the struggle will give rise to tragic mishaps, he said, inaccurately He was all prole, all the time In the colonial countries only the peasantry is revolutionary It has nothing to lose and everything to gain The underprivileged and starving peasant is the exploited who very soon realizes that only violence pays But peasant led revolutions have not always worked out super well either.Fanon, who fought for the native Front de Lib ration Nationale in Algeria s revolution, knew first hand how quickly violence turns on itself He found himself accusing the French of massacring 300 civilians in 1957 his own FLN was in fact responsible It s unclear whether he knew that at the time When you plunge your hands into blood, they get bloody Jean Paul Sartre, a supporter who wrote the preface to this book, says it baldly Get this into your head if violence were only a thing of the future, if exploitation and oppression never existed on earth, perhaps displays of nonviolence might relieve the conflict But if the entire regime, even your nonviolent thoughts, is governed by a thousand year old oppression, your passiveness serves no other purpose but to put you on the side of the oppressors This is not true, but it describes a truth Some people, faced with violence, will respond with violence It s okay to get all judgey about that, as long as you were even judgey about the original violence If you weren t pissed off about that, you should ask yourself which side you re on And if you choose violence yourself, here are your operating instructions They re dangerous.