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Psyche is the most beautiful woman in the world yet the oracle at Delphi foresees she will fall in love with a creature feared even by the gods themselvesMagically Psyche finds herself in a magnificent castle fitted with sweet music attentive servants and a charming but invisible host Soon she falls in love with this man she has never seen but in a moment of doubt she betrays his trust To win back his love Psyche must show that she is as brave as she is beautiful by performing three impossible tasksPerhaps the greatest love story of all Cupid and Psyche is unsurpassed in its richness and drama Marie Craft's lively suspenseful retelling of this classic Greek myth will appeal to young and old alike And these legendary lovers have inspired forty lush luminous paintings by award winning artist Kinuko CraftLavishly illustrated and thrillingly told here is a book to be treasured forever

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    Another fantastic book by the Craft duoI did not know the story of Cupid and Psyche prior to reading this and thus my enjoyment of the story was enhanced I was pleasantly surprised by the detail of this book and the overall goodness of it There were a few points that I felt took away just a bit from the overall perfect ness of our protagonistsCupid was obviously a mischief makerWhy did Psyche believe her sisters though I felt Craft managed this motive well what with the terrible prophecy the oracle had given herWhy did Psyche become vain enough to feel the need to improve her beauty though again I must commend Craft for making this motive about Psyche wanting to freshen up in essence for Cupid I was a tad disappointed there wasn't follow up on Psyche's lesson from this but this is being incredibly picky of meAnd there is the uestion of if they love each other because they love each other or because of Cupid's arrows but it feels at least that it is a true loveI also wanted a bit information on why Cupid wouldn't reveal himself to Psyche This is just me wanting of a great story though and not a critiue really And I thought it was great Cupid wanted Psyche to love him for himself not what he appeared to be Psyche's sisters are the typical envious and evil that we encounter in so many fairytales and they do meet an unpleasant endBut overall I really enjoyed the story The illustrations are beautiful as I'd expected them to be and the way in which Craft incorporated the semi transparent gods is tremendousWhat really won me over was this line of Cupid'sLove cannot live without trustAny book that mentions the importance of trust in a relationship especially if it's mentioned in a fairytale earns extra points from me Highly highly recommended

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    I thought this was exuisite The story is beautiful and beautifully told and the artwork is sumptuous I truly felt transported while I experienced this thoughtful and heart ful celebration of love

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    The excellent artwork and an adaptation that stays true to the original make this one of those picture books worth having in hardback for display and also perfect for gifting

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    A classic myth accompanied by beautiful illustrations Reminiscent of the story 'East of the Sun West of the Moon'

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    Great retelling of the myth It is told in a way that captures all the complexities of the Cupid and Psyche myth without making it an adult tale There are no hints of sensuality or eroticism The best part of this can be found in the illustrations There are no semi nude lovers in bed chambers on the contrary the illustrations focus on the moments while Cupid and Psyche are separated from each other where they realise that they indeed do love one another This re telling also focuses attention on an important message to its young readers The importance of faith and trust in relationships without which love cannot survive It is only when I read this I realised how fairy tales like Beauty and the Beast and Sleeping Beauty have their roots in the myth of Cupid and Psyche Artwork

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    Absolutely wonderful book Why don't publishers keep making beautifully illustrated children's books like this? Why has it moved from this glorious artwork to those silly childish drawings? This is a high standard if book story and illustration Superb in every way

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    A picture book retelling of the classic Greek myth in which Cupid the god of love and the son of Venus falls in love with a mortal princess named Psyche When Psyche is told that she will marry a creature feared by the gods themselves she is terrified but soon discovers that her invisible bridegroom is gentle and loving and she spends her days in contentment But a visit from her envious sisters causes Psyche to doubt her new husband and in a moment of weakness she betrays his trust Separated from all she has come to love the mortal Psyche must accomplish three inhuman tasks or relinuish all claim on her beloved CupidThe tale of Cupid and Psyche is of great antiuity not only in various oral traditions but in the written record as well having first been recorded as part of Apuleius's 2nd century novel The Golden Ass It is an ancient variant of the contemporary Beauty and the Beast tale and exhibits some striking parallels to Madame le Prince de Beaumont's fairytale of that nameI collect illustrated fairy tales and myths and have in my collection a few other versions of this story which I hope to eventually review here But I thought I would start with this title because I am a great fan of Kinuko Craft the illustrator of this particular retelling Her paintings are simply gorgeous colorful lush and very detailed I can look at them for hours They are terribly romantic but I do not find them sentimental Her darker illustrations can be very compelling as in the full page depiction of Proserpine That portrait as well as the picture of Psyche mourning the loss of Cupid by the lily pond are my favorite illustrations in the bookI also approve of M Charlotte Craft's narrative which I found to be a skillful adaptation of a much longer and complex text making this wonderful story accessible to young readers A note to readers although this is indeed a Greek myth the Roman names are used for almost every mythological figure a function no doubt of the identity of the first person to write the story down

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    Craft's illustrations are truly exuisite Rather than attempt to adapt to Greek artisitic conventions she uses Grecian clothing and hair styles to give the appropriate feel The setting is influenced by late medieval and early Renaissance landscapes and floral decoration One beautiful full page plate of a mourning Psyche reflected in a lily pond is strongly reminiscent of Waterhouse's paintings I also liked that the text without too much addition on the author's part to the original suggested of a relationship between Cupid and Psyche They converse and become at ease with one another rather than having interactions limited to the bedchamber as in some versions When thy are separated they both realize that they do love one another and try their best to rectify the situation caused by the spite of their relatives

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    This is a decent fairly straightforward retelling of a Greek Beauty and the Beast type myth The gorgeous illustrations reminiscent of Renaissance paintings in their rich colors and sumptuous details clearly take the center stage The prose itself is rather bloodless by comparison but is neat and succinct and gets the story where it needs to goI sought this out in order to better understand CS Lewis' Till We Have Faces which is a novel length retelling of the myth from the point of view of Psyche's older sister and to compare it to the other versions of the Beauty and the Beast story which I'm familiar with I would like to see a retelling that digs in a little deeper but this is a good start and worth picking up for the pictures

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    Rating 5 5Another insta favourite as I knew it would be Beautifully told considering that it's my first in depth introduction into the story and even beautifully illustrated with rich illustrations colours and beautiful characters and backgrounds that I just wanted to get lost in much as I did the storyWill be re reading this over and over and over again many times