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This captivating rendition of the Hindu epic of the Ramayaya makes a wonderful addition to any multicultural holiday celebration The story of Prince Rama Princess Sita and the Monkey god Hanuman is beautifully retold and illustrated for young children Illustrations

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    Beautiful pictures The story is great too I enjoy retelling of stories Very well written The pictures could be found in an art gallery Loved them Book was fantastic

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    The Story of Divaali 2002 Retold by Jatinder Verma Illustrated by Nilesh Mistry Genre Hero This book describes the heroic triumph of Prince Rama the human incarnation of the god Vishnu who sets out to destroy the darkness devastating Earth Prince Rama is tested when Ravana the Demon King of Lanka abducts the beautiful Princess Sita Along with his brother and a trusted monkey Rama embarks on a journey to Lanka in order save Princess Sita from the cruel King Ravana When challenged face to face Rama shoots an arrow directly into the center of Ravana's stomach ultimately leading to the demon king's defeat Rama's homecoming to Ayodhya develops into a festival of lights marking the beginnings of Divaali The author Jatinder Verma includes a helpful pronunciation guide and brief character descriptions in the beginning of the book Nilesh Mistry's illustrations utilize the color palette usually associated with the god Vishnu and Indian culture eg blue gold red Her beautiful illustrations elevate the retelling of The Story of Divaali Overall I would highly recommend the book's inclusion into the hero genre Target audience ages 6 10

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    Genre mythThis story is a princess that was kidnapped by a demon Two brothers kill the demon and rescue the princess and they defeat him with the help of the gods Because of this accomplishment we have the Indian festival of lights The language is appropriate for children and is complex I enjoyed reading this book because it helped me get a deeper understanding of Divaali The book does a great job explaining the story and is interesting to children It has a rich and thick plot and there are a problem and solution The illustrations in the book enhance the story and are interesting The characters in the story use speech that accurately represents their cultural and oral traditions The author is Hindu so the story is given from an emic’s perspective This book is good for explaining the different celebrations around the world This book would be a good read for children in grade four and five

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    No reading level information available According to the publishing company It is recommended for ages 6 11 Grades 1 6 This book is a kid friendly rendition of the story about the Indian festival of lights called Divaali It tells the story of how Sita a princess is kidnapped by a demon and rescued by two brothers There are gods goddesses and lots of magic This book is great for grades 1 6 and for teaching about Indian culture

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    We really enjoyed this book and were uite taken with the story and the history of the Festival of Lights My son who is 4 was a little distubed by the illustrations of the dead demons but was able to move past it and listen to the rest of the story Very interesting story we will be reading this again

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    Beautifully written and illustrated

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    A beautifully told story that tells the story of Diwali that you won't find in the non fiction bookstore the holiday

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    Not my favorite adaptation