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    A colorful and primal book about Pele the goddess of fire The Hawaiian folktale explains how lava flows from volcanoes created the island chain as we know it today and is still creating a new island which for now is beneath the ocean's surface Kilauea on the big island of Hawaii is also active and is both a big tourist attraction as well as a threat to the people who live in the path of the lava flows It is an interesting tale and evokes raw emotion with the narrative and visual depiction of fire that destroys as it creates

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    This is a great read when researching other cultures specifically Pacific Islanders It is also great when learning about origin stories and comparing origin stories

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    I was looking for a book to do with Preschool DiscoveryTime storytime and found this book Thankfully there is a pronunciation guide in the back of the book as some of the Hawaiian names are rather hard to pronounce This book tells the story of the volcanic fire goddess Pele and how she came to the Hawaiian islands I loved the beautiful acrylicwatercolor on paper collage illustrations It's really cool that this book was written by a librarian and you can definitely see his passion for the subject in the book Recommended for ages 4 9 4 stars

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    GREAT 45 stars Super supplement to learning about Hawaii andor volcanoes This book both entertains and teaches