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PDF/EPUB Burleigh Muten ↠ ↠ The Lady of Ten Thousand Names: Goddess Stories from Many

Drawing from traditional tales and sacred texts worldwide Burleigh Muten presents eight goddesses who each face their own set of uniue challenges Mighty Isis struggles to save her beloved brother in Ancient Egypt and White Buffalo Woman instructs the Sioux tribe on how to worship Mother Earth

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    American author Burleigh Mutén and British illustrator Helen Cann join forces in this lovely collection of goddess stories from around the world The eight selections here include The Lady of Ten Thousand Names which details the ancient Egyptian story of Isis who rescued her brotherhusband Osirus when the god Set murdered him and set him afloat in a sarcophagus on the Nile The Princess Who Became a Goddess in which a mortal Chinese princess named Maio Shan being too kind and good for the world became Kuan Yin the goddess of compassion going on to aid the father who had had her executed We Are All One Family which sets out the story of White Buffalo Woman a sacred spirit who came to the Lakota people of North America's great plains bringing them the sacred pipe and teaching them sacred rituals Mother of Magic which relates the tale of the Welsh sorceress Cerridwen whose attempt to use magic to aid her son Great Crow didn't go uite as she planned leading to an unexpected second child The Blessing Necklace in which the Norse goddess Freya gains a necklace of unearthly beauty from four dwarfs thanks to her charm only to find her new treasure stolen by Odin Ama Terasu's Mirror in which the Japanese Shinto sun goddess Ama Terasu hides from her reckless destructive brother in a cave until the other deities find a way to convince her to emerge bringing light back to the world The Great Mother which tells of how the Nigerian Yoruba mother goddess Oshun participates in the creation of humanityAnd finally Persephone Demeter and Hekate which tells the classical Greek myth concerning the kidnapping of Persephone by Hades and the compromise which brought about the changing seasonsThe Lady of Ten Thousand Names Goddess Stories from Many Cultures is the second goddess centered collection I have read from Burleigh Mutén following upon her Goddesses A World of Myth and Magic That other title was an encyclopedia of 107 deities whereas this is an actual story collection On the whole I enjoyed Mutén's retelling of the tales here all of which were already known to me That said the real star of this collection for me was the lovely artwork from Helen Cann which captures the beauty and mystery of these stories By itself the text probably would have gotten a three star rating but such was my enjoyment of the visuals that I added an extra star Recommended to young folklore and mythology lovers and to readers seeking goddess stories from around the world

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    Which shelf do I use for this book? Is this religion? Ancient history? Folklore? Short stories? I don't have a shelf for MythologyAs a child I only remember hearing fairy tales I wonder what I would have thought of these storiesEgypt Isis the Earth was hers to protect and nourishChina Kuan Yin embodies kindness mercy graceN America Lakota Sioux White Buffalo Woman taught that Earth is the mother of allWales Gerridwen fertility birth death; blesses poets musiciansScandinavia Freya love desire sorcery magic war deathJapan Ama terasu ruler of the six directions mother of allNigeria Yoruba Oshun protectress who rules over love beautyGreece Triple Goddess Persephone Demeter Hekate rules over the seasons the cycle of EarthSurprising to me Many of these Goddesses seem overly fond of appearance and fine things clothes jewelryThe Foreword should also be read at the end32 sources cited

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    I picked this up because it was by the woman who wrote two of my favorite compilations of goddess artpoetryarticlesreferencesetc Once again a book for Barefoot Books making it a children's mythos book on Goddesses The art was lovely and the stories are wonderful for children even though I can definitely tell where artistic license is taken with telling the tales in a format understandable for children vs the direct myth itself I waffle on my thoughts about this which bring it down from a four to w three in stars

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    All these books I've been picking up—the goddesses Grandmothers' Stories and Grandfather Mountain—I didn't know these were all by Burleigh Muten until I read them Apparently she has a fascination with these kinds of stories from around the world and I am so glad because her books are beautiful and I have loved reading them The Lady of Ten Thousand Names includes stories about several of the same goddesses that were included in Goddesses A World of Myth and Magic but where they were only described briefly there now they each have several pages of their own story The illustrations here are also lovely but I liked Rebecca Guay's and Sian Bailey's much better

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    RTC Picture Books About Goddesses Mythologythese books feature myths from all over the world and include sources Changing Woman and Her Sisters Stories of Goddesses from Around the World★★★★☆Features 10 goddesses each has 1 full page illustration and 3 5 pages of copy includes a short intro blurb and story Book of Goddesses★★★☆☆Features 26 goddesses each has 1 full page illustration and 1 full page of copy Legendary Ladies 50 Goddesses to Empower and Inspire You☆☆☆☆☆Features 50 goddesses each has 1 full page illustration and 1 full page of copy Goddesses A World of Myth and Magic★★★★☆Features 100 goddesses organized in alphabetical order each goddess has a very short blurb with full and half page illustrations sprinkled throughout The Lady of Ten Thousand Names☆☆☆☆☆Features 8 goddesses each has 1 full page illustration and a few pages of copy

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    great topics for young children and colorful stories but they all seem to end abruptly and in satisfactorily

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    Read as part of our ongoing Comparative World Religion class with my homeschooler Great introduction to various goddesses from different belief structures

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    I love myths so I love to collect books about themI have several children books about myths and folk legends and this one is the last addiction I made to my collection The drawings are what you normally find on this type of book and the stories are easy to read You have the story of Isis and of Amateratsu which usually appearer in this type of books but you also have Kuan Yin's story which isn't common at all as well as the story of a celtic which whose name is totally unpronounceable at least I cant pronounce itAll and all it's a good if you don't have many of these it's great for girls for it's about goddesses but if you already have a great collection it won't be very different from the all the other ones

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    My kids really enjoy the stories and illustrations of barefoot books as do IWe like to read and discuss the stories and how they relate to real life in places all over the world and the goddessesMy son loved the story of Freya My daughter loved the story of Persephone Demeter and Hakate Other stories of Isis Kuan Yin White Buffalo Woman Cerridwen Ama terasu and Oshun

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    As I've stated in other reviews I love stories about gods and goddesses and this one is just as good as my other favorites The book talks mainly about goddesses but also about gods a little This is good for learning about goddesses and the pictures illustrate the stories well I will definitely be having this book and others in my classroom