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What If Souls Could Cross Over At The Point Of Life And Death What If Your Life Was Pre Ordained As A Result Of Such A Meeting As You Were Entering Into The World Kirsty Born In Knightsbridge Infirmary London, The Same Hospital That A Famous American Rock Hero Had Died In Years BeforeCould There Be A Connection Between These Two Completely Unlikely Connected People Could Kirsty Have The Ability To Hear The Voice Of This American Rock Star As She Grows Up To Be One Of The Greatest Guitar Heros Of Her Time Follow This Strange Tale Of Angelic Guidance As This Reluctant Female Rock Star Hero Brings The World Back From The Brink Through Her Incredible Music

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    Great book

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    Night That Jimi Died by Darragh J Brady is one of the most wonderful books I have read lately This is a wonderful amazing story about unusual connections between people The world is magical and unpredictable, especially when it comes to music, talent and people who are very gifted In addition, this book is written very well I could not tear myself away from this book until I read it to the end.I strongly recommend this book to anyone who loves good literature, an unusual plot and rock, of course