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10 thoughts on “Llama'S Secret - Pbk (Legends of the World)

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    This is a cute children's story It is a retelling of the Peruvian legend euivalent to Noah's Ark There is an added conseuence for the doubting foxes and an honoring of llamas for their part There is also an interesting page at the end with a little historical and factual information about llamas Peru and the flood story I love stories that broaden children's and adults' horizons

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    This book was about a llama that saved many different animals and a family He did so by warning them about a flood that was going to happen This book was cute and gave an interesting reasoning behind why foxes' tails have dark tips The pictures were intricate and cute however the story was not my favorite

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    This book was extremely interesting It is about a llama who proceeds to tell the family it works for and many other animals that the sea is about to flood the entire land The only place they will be safe is at the very top of a mountain Most listen and they are saved This book would be very good for a lesson on llamas Peru or knowing when to trust something that seems very bizarre

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    Always fun to read a Great Flood story from another culture especially when it also has aspects of origin mythology tied to it Beautiful layout and art work easy to understand story I remember seeing llamas with bells and ribbons in Peru and it's great to now have a story to go with it

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    Peruvian folk tale not dissimilar to the story of Noah and the flood Well written and charmingly illustrated

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    I discovered The Llama's Secret at the best charity sale Peru's story encourages us to trust one another instead of exemplifying extreme punishment on the theme of disobeying God This heartening animal story is also distinguished by not speaking for all the world There is serious danger that needs to be overcome and one llama is concerned about imparting the solution to his human caregivers and everyone else he comes across However the solution is simple affects only one Peruvian town and danger dissipates after one nightAdapted by Argentina Palacios and brightly feelingly illustrated in 1993 by Charles Reasoner this is a simple and succinctly told story for children It is much moving than one might expect however and memorable First it is explained to us that llamas are vitally important helpers to Peruvian families; such as carrying people and baskets of produce between the villagers' gardens and their homes The fertile lands they work are at a fair distance from their houses Knowing they could not survive without their skilled strong llamas they are highly respected and cherished beautifully This touches my heart Llamas are provided with the best healthiest water and food at all times and paid attention closelyWhen one family's llama ceases eating they notice right away and try different grass; until they beg him to get better whatever the trouble might be It wrenched my emotions that the llama cries with Charles Reasoner illustrating tears on that caring face The llama surprises his caregiver by speaking revealing he knows of a flood and that he has been worried about alerting everyone to ascend their mountain The farmer accepts his dear intelligent llama's wisdom He helps him deliver it and appreciates him anew There is no punishment even of foxes who react to the threat belatedly

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    The Llama's Secret is a legend from Peru The story draws distinct similarities with Noah's Arch; flood stories are told throughout the world spanning different cultures which the author suggests means that 'people regardless of their origins are much the same everywhere' The story is about a llama that preempts a great flood and encourages its owner and all the animals to gather on a high mountain peak for safety Those that followed the llamas advice are saved The imagery in the book is simple but very striking the llama stands tall on each page depicted as proud heroic and graceful The story is a traditional Peruvian tale featuring language specific to the region KS2 children could expand their knowledge of the culture by researching unfamiliar terms This could also have links with to geography teaching where children could explore different mountain ranges and climates The story could be a useful learning tool in RE where legends and fables could be used as a way to access teaching religious texts

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    In this Peruvian version of the ubiuitous flood story the llama warns all the animals as well as his caring master of an impending flood and leads them to safety on a mountaintop The retelling itself as well as the illustrations are rather stark but includes a fun piece about how the fox got the dark tip on its tail The illustrations do have a few small details which resemble Inca weaving that could be used to spark a discussion Despite a few deficits this book could be a good gateway to talking about the importance of different animals in different cultures as well as different creation myths and flood myths Students could compare and contrast a number of flood stories and use that as a base for talking about cultural similarities and differences Approximate Reading Level P

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    The Llama's Secret A Peruvian Legend 1993 written and adapted by Argentina Palacios and illustrated by Charles Reasoner tells a story similar to that of Noah and the Ark This time though the llama is the one who warns everyone of the coming flood Instead of building an ark the Peruvian family and animals climb to the highest mountain Huillcacoto to escape the flood waters Great additional story of how the fox's tale got it's black tip too Themes Nature; Flood; LegendsWays to use this book with children Read and compare with other Flood legends Have students write their own legends about how animals got their markingsAdditional InfoAvailable in Spanish

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    This story is about a man and his prize possessiona llama The llama stops eating the man takes him to new meadows each day to try and make him eat Then one day the llama speaks of a great tragedy that will happen The Llama leads everyone to the highest peak of the mountain They are safe and now have to wait til the sun comes back and the waters go down