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Anika has recently emigrated from India and is having a difficult time adjusting to life in a new country not to mention life in a new school Remembering the advice her grandmother gave her she prays to Lord Ganesh the Hindu elephant god But Lord Ganesh is slow to respond and Anika takes to the internet to attract his attention When her problems begin to resolve themselves she can breathe a sigh of relief But has Lord Ganesh truly been helping her or has she been relying on her own inner wisdom all along? This is a sweet and witty story about staying true to one’s beliefs and finding strength in unlikely places

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    Indian mythology gets a contemporary twist in this poignant story about friendship fitting in and a young girl's struggle to stand up for what’s right A lovely book

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    A girl who recently emigrated from India struggles to fit in at school – and help her friend do the same A delightful story of friendship loyalty and ingenuity with a modern infusion of Hindu mythology

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    Looking for Lord Ganesh is a children's picture book written by Mahtab Narsimhan and illustrated by Sonja Wimmer which focus on a girl named Anika a recent immigrant is trying to cope and prays to Lord Ganesh for some adviceNarsimhan's text is rather simplistic straightforward and filled with childish innocence Anika's uest in looking for Lord Ganesh is inventive and rather childlike in her exploration Wimmer's illustrations are simply wonderful and depict and enhanced the text rather wellThe premise of the book is rather straightforward It's about a young girl named Anika who has just recently immigrated to America and struggles to fit in She relies on the Hindu God of Ganesh to help her through but Ganesh is slow to answer In the end she finds the answer in her heart all alongAll in all Looking for Ganesh is wonderful children's book of friendship loyalty and ingenuity with a modern twist of Hindu mythology intermixed

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    This book is about a young girl who emigrated to America and struggles to find her way She relies on the Hindu god Ganesh to help her get through and finds that the answers were inside her heart all along I would give the story three out of five stars for it's interesting and witty look inside the Indian culture