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Shunned even before she was born and destined to live a life of solitude Artemis Goddess of the Hunt finds power through her skilled hunting ability and mighty bow She slays those who wish to do harm to the innocent and takes care of the young and helpless She protects women and young girls helps in childbirth soothes and is unrivaled in her hunting abilities In the latest volume of Olympians New York Times–bestselling author George O'Connor continues to turn his extensive knowledge of the original Greek myths into rip roaring graphic novel storytelling

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    I adore Mythology and the larger meanings behind the myths They are really trying to explain the mysteries of life I think This is another great graphic novel from First Second I love this publisher They do amazing work this is several stories of Artemis told in the book I really didn't know the story about the 2 giant stone monsters that threatened to steal her away It was pretty great Artemis was ruthless I did know the story of Orion The story did a great job of telling itThe are is crackling with energy and action It all is like an old comic with the word Zoom behind them but the art is so kinetic you don't need the zoom the art conveys the action I will read this whole series I'm so thankful my library has such a great stock of everything YEAH Libraries

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    Final rating 3 5 starsI was provided with an electronic ARC of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest reviewMy biggest issue with this book is that I found I didn't learn anything new about Artemis Much of this book contained stories or pieces of stories we had read about in the previous volumes And the stories that were original and individual to Artemis did not really speak to her character very muchI liked the inclusion of Atalanta and Orion I did not think her origin story with Leto on the island was necessary seeing as we learned about it in Apollo's book And not much time was spent on her personality or what she was like either as a child or a fully formed goddess These issues I had are very similar to the ones I had with Hades' volume Just an odd choice of story tellingI did like that the stories were not told from her perspective I think that made them less biased I also very much loved the art style illustrations and the stories themselves were well written

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    I love this series and I've always had a soft spot for the goddess Artemis This jumped around a bit but ultimately I still liked it

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    I am a big fan of George O'Connor's graphic novel take on the Greek gods and goddesses O'Connor's Artemis is a strong minded gal that knows what she wants AND SAYS IT That's certainly what I liked about her Just be warned that you don't want to cross her I definitely have included this on my must have classroom books for 2017

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    425 Another great instalment in the series

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    5 stars from Bill read the full review at FANTASY LITERATURE Disclaimer just so you know some of the books we review are received free from publishersArtemis is another in the ongoing series of graphic stories about the Greek gods written and illustrated by George O’Connor The short version of this review is pretty simple these works are individually nearly all excellent and the series as a whole while absolutely great for young readers and for teachers of young students is just as fantastic a readresource for anyone interested in Greek mythology regardless of age One reason is that O’Connor doesn’t simply retell the well known stories those we can all recite by heart Rather he delves into much obscure aspects of the tales ensuring that most if not all readers will find something newrThis holds true for Artemis as well As one might expect we hear about Acteon coming across her bathing in the forest and being punished by being transformed into a stag and killed by his own hunting hounds Niobe’s tears are also here along with the wooing of Orion which also gives O’Connor the chance to tell the story of Atalanta as well But true to form O’Connor also brings in less popularized stories such as how Artemis tricked the Aloadae a pair of monstrous brothers who keep laying siege to Olympus in hopes of carrying off both Artemis and Hera Even in the oft told tales though he offers up a retelling that feels fresh and often intimate in the way that it is about character as much as plot Such is the case for instance of how he tries to manage all the varying versions of how Orion met his end All of these serve the point of plot he dies but the version here while incorporating several of them lends it all a poignancy often missing from the other versions5 stars from Bill read the full review at FANTASY LITERATURE

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    He was an archer fashioning his own arrows and customizing his bows Each autumn he would enter the woods before daybreak waiting and watching Once I was old enough I would walk with him Before we got to our spot light permitting he taught me the names of trees and plants and their possible uses He was a man who appreciated nature learning to understand the signs she offersThis is why for years as a sport I would practice with due diligence at straw bales in our back yard taking the stance nocking the arrow and pulling back the bow string steady and sure before the release Artemis Wild Goddess Of The Hunt A Neal Porter Book First Second an imprint of Roaring Brook Press January 31 2017 written and illustrated by George O'Connor is the ninth volume in his continuing series Olympians This entry like the others will have you turning pages faster than you thought possible; spellbinding from beginning to end It might have you wanting to begin or continue archery skillsMy full recommendation

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    I'm a big fan of all things Greek mythology so I'm always delighted when I discover a new Greek related series In ARTEMIS WILD GODDESS OF THE HUNT author George O'Connor introduces us to the ethereal and eternal goddess of the hunt We see how she came to be and both her friends and foes as she travails the world perfecting her skill O'Connor's work is Edith Hamilton than Rick Riordan and it's reflected in some of the truly grim scenarios that some of the gods and goddesses around Artemis experience including public shunning and the loss of one's family But O'Connor handles it in a graceful way; and never shares than is necessary to get the point across There is actually a mystiue to how he chooses to handle it; it encourages readers to figure out and think deeply about these myths Though O'Connor does jump around a bit in Artemis's mythology which may be confusing to someone who are newer to Greek myths this edition does a great job of giving us a good overall sense of who she and her brother Apollo are and who she is destined to be It's enough to send even the youngest of imaginations soaring All in all highly recommend full stop

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    I don't know why I'm so disappointed O'Connor writes in his author nite that he saved his favorite gods and goddesses for later in the series and his favorites seem to overlap with mine So why am I disappointed? I'm not sure I just felt like Artemis didn't get a story he told the whole thing from other people's perspectives Not sure why I'm giving only 2 stars really

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