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Hutash the earth goddess creates a rainbow bridge and saves her people from drowning by turning them into dolphins

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    A beautifully written and illustrated tale about the Chumash Indians The end didn't really tie the whole story together it just ended on a random—although nice note I wish it would have somehow tied back into the rainbow bridge and elaborated on its significance but that's just my preference for a well rounded story

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    Connections Native American Nations Cultural Stories

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    This is a short picture book that I picked up while I was out on Ana Capa IslandIt is the legend of the Shumash People and how they got on the Island as well as the mainland around California between Los Angeles to the San Luis Obispo CountyThe Earth Goddess Hutash is lonely and so she makes humans in her image Her susband the Mily Way also blesses the new people They live on Liuw or what is Santa Cruz Island The people become too many and Hutash decides to send half to the mainland via a rainbow bridge Some don't make it and she turns them into dolphinsThe Shumash people still honor Hutash and each year they do a ceremonial dolphin dance As you cruise out to the Islands dolphins splash and play around the boat It is awesome to watch them and also learn about an Indian civilization

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    This was a beautifully illustrated storybook about how Los Angeles CA 'came to be' The way the Chumas Indians believe how the islands came to be and also how the dolphins are so sacred This was an interesting book nicely written but the paintings that are used as the illustrations is what REALLY makes this book But becareful of younger children reading this as an adult be ready to help educate them in the way you believe and how some tribes of Indians believe differently than some others etc Doesn't mean that this story is untrue just that it could confuse some younger children as they read it

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    The Rainbow Bridge is a story of a tribe from the beginning of their time The tribe came from seeds scattered across the land like flowers The tribe becomes too large for the land they are living on and are told in three days there will be a bridge ready to take them across the water to a new land to live The ones who doubted the rainbow bridge and its' power fell off into the water and drown or so we thought At the end of the story we learned the ones who fell off became dolphins that would protect the waters I think this book would be cute to put in my reading area It is a cute story that I think many students would enjoy

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    This unusual legend reveals how Hutash accomplished a dangerous task and how she saved some of the Chumash from drowning by transforming them into dolphins This sophisticated picture book and has a complex theme relating to Native Indians in the content of social studies This book could be used in the content area of social studies during lessons on Native Americans to help students understand Indian legends

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    I want to like this story because it is set in and around Santa Barbara It was written by a Santa Barbaraian and researched at a museum on the street where I grew up But I don't like it I think the story is a bland retelling of Chumash oral traditions The paintings are almost pretty but mostly come off as creepy and synthetic Not a fan

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    Books that truly capture the imagination of Native American folk tales can be hard to find This book did an excellent job

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    I liked this book I loved the artwork The pictures were very colorful and they fit perfectly with the text The book talks about a rainbow bridge and the Chumash tribe Very good book

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    The prose of the story is good but the illustrations are an attempt at Maxfield Parish that falls short of the mark and comes off looking photoshopped