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Kylara Vatta is the only daughter in a family full of sons and her father's only child to buck tradition by choosing a military career instead of joining the family business For Ky it's no contest Even running the prestigious Vatta Transport Ltd shipping concern can't hold a candle to shipping out as an officer aboard an interstellar cruiser It's adventure not commerce that stirs her soul And despite her family's misgivings there can be no doubt that a Vatta in the service will prove a valuable asset But with a single error in judgment it all comes crumbling downExpelled from the Academy in disgrace—and returning home to her humiliated family a storm of high profile media coverage and the gaping void of her own future—Ky is ready to face the inevitable onslaught of anger disappointment even pity But soon after opportunity's door slams shut Ky finds herself with a ticket to ride—and a shot at redemption—as captain of a Vatta Transport shipIt's a simple assignment escorting one of the Vatta fleet's oldest ships on its final voyage to the scrapyard But keeping it simple has never been Ky's style And even though her father has provided a crew of seasoned veterans to baby sit the fledgling captain on her maiden milk run they can't stop Ky from turning the routine mission into a risky venture—in the name of turning a profit for Vatta Transport of courseBy snapping up a lucrative delivery contract defaulted on by a rival company and using part of the proceeds to upgrade her condemned vehicle Ky aims to prove she's got going for her than just her family's famous name But business will soon have to take a backseat to bravery when Ky's change of plans sails her and the crew straight into the middle of a colonial war For all her commercial savvy it's her military training and born soldier's instincts that Ky will need to call on in the face of deadly combat dangerous mercenaries and violent mutiny

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    OK I'll admit it I'm a sucker for space opera Have been ever since my grandfather gave me a copy of EE Doc Smith's Galactic Patrol to read back when I was 9 years old Always will be And Trading in Danger is space operaI cracked the book shortly before midnight last night and finished it around 4AM I'm a fast reader but I'm not that fast Frankly there's a fair amount of fluff lots and lots of details that neither advance the plot nor provide significant additional insight into the main character since as has been noted by another reviewer there aren't really other any other complex or interesting characters The high fluff rating of the book could be because Moon is trying to pump out too many books too uickly or it could be because she isn't that good a writer I have only read one other book by her The Deed of Paksenarrion and I didn't think too much of it so I'm inclined to guess that it is the latter But you know what? I don't care It's a space opera it has a fast moving plot hinting albeit blatantly at much larger complexities it has action it has space ships it has good guys and bad guys so I liked itIf you haven't read everything by David Weber or S M Stirling or Lois McMaster Bujold or Sharon Lee Steve Miller or even E E Doc Smith who although dated has in some ways never been eualled all of whom are superior practitioners of the same genre then you have better things to do than read Moon But if you need a fix while waiting for the next book from the above then Trading in Danger hits the spot Best of all? As of today there are four seuels to read excuse me while I head off to

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    Well this is a space opera type of novel told from the point of view of a young captain on her first voyage as the captain of a merchant vessel Direct from a shattering disappointment and possible scandal Kylara Vatta takes command of a small obsolete trading vessel in her wealthy family's fleet Sent to sell the ship for scrap she has other potentially profitable ideasBut then does anything ever go as planned?Not if you want an exciting novel It's almost as if someone had said well at least nothing can go wrong on a trip like this and then followed it up with what else can go wrong and then well what's the worst that could happen?I'm a big fan of Ms Moon's Paksenarrion trilogy however I wasn't able to get into the first effort of her's into space opera that I tried This one was really pretty good I got it from Audible and found it to be a good book read by an only fair reader It did lose my interest a bit a few times mostly when Kylara was having some emotional internal dialog On the whole however I found the book surprisingly interesting considering it is about a trading vessel well written and thoroughly characterized You'll get to know the people and the set up for the following volumes works well I like it and can recommend it I think even the hard science fiction sticklers will be okay with it While it doesn't try to explain ansibles or how it's FTL drive works Faster Than Light for the uninitiated it does recognize the possibility and the difference in an in system drive and an FTL It doesn't go into this in great detail which will be appreciated by other readers but it's thereAs I said good book interesting story good characters 4 stars and recommended

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    Having read a later one in this 5 part space opera series several years back Vatta’s War I pursued this one to get at the beginnings of the story on its tough no nonsense character Ky Vatta She gets unfairly booted out of the space academy and takes on a job in her father’s trading company transporting an old ship on its last shipping run on the way to sale for scrap On the way she takes the initiative on an additional shipping contract for agricultural euipment and finds herself strapped for cash with a partially disabled ship and cut off due to an interplanetary war Tasked by some mercenaries to transport some officers of other commercial ships she is challenged by mutiny and pirates Most of all she has to overcome everyone’s assumption she is just an easy mark and a spoiled scion of her doting father Coming only one year after her Nebula Award winning Speed of Dark I was a little disappointed with the low excitement level of the plot It’s not classed as YA but it might as well have been Still it was a pleasant fast read and had a nice snowballing effect in the way problems multiplied allowing to grow emotionally and to develop her skills in problem solving and bold brave action Effectively 35 stars for me compared to 4 stars for others explicitly military sci fi I have read Command Decision and Rules of Engagement

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    “Trading in Danger Vatta’s War #1” is an amazing and very enjoyable military scifi story with strong women as many of the lead characters The story isn’t lesfic and there is very little time spent on hetero romances There is though lots and lots of time spent building a believable universe with believable characters that are individually crafted and lots of time spend on action The action is very personal; the spacecraft and futuristic weaponry take backseats to the motivations hopes fears and actions of the many charactersThe amount of detail presented is amazing First published in 2003 the book often sounds like it was written knowing how corporations communicate with customers today 15 years later “Due to conditions beyond our control public access to channels is restricted until further notice We apologize for any inconvenience ” At other times the book presents details that are nearly mundane as individual items but that together succeed in turning an adventure story into a rich tapestry of the lives of people living the adventures“Trading in Danger” is book #1 of the five part “Vatta’s War” series All five books are narrated by Cynthia Holloway whom I grew to like as narrator of the early “Chicagoland Vampire” books by Chloe Neill Her voice and cadence work terrifically for the book and the characters At nearly 14 hours long there is lots of material in “Trading in Danger” and yet it’s so fast paced and enjoyable that it ends before you know it Highly recommended with a 5 rating

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    Ahoy there me mateys I have been wanting to read a book by this author forever and was going to start with the novel cold welcome I heard about the book from the review by Sarah brainfluff and immediately added it to the list Where it sat It sat there long enough for Sarah to review the second book in the series By luck or coincidence I had just picked up cold welcome to read when I saw Sarah’s review of book two which ended with “This is recommended for fans of science fiction thrillers – though ideally you should first read the Vatta’s War series and Cold Welcome” I hadn’t realized there was another series and I trust Matey Sarah So I immediately put cold welcome on the back burner and got ahold of this one insteadI absolutely loved it I sat and read avidly and completed the book in one session The novel started out with a bang The protagonist Vatta is expelled for military school but doesn’t know why How cool is that? Sent home in disgrace her wealthy family gives her a pity mission She has to Captain a cargo ship to a port where she will deliver the cargo and then sell the ship for scrap Her crew are all older and it is supposed to be a milk mission to let time pass and Vatta’s disgrace fade out of the media spotlight But Vatta has other ideas which of course don’t go according to planVatta was a fantastic protagonist – intelligent clever calm under pressure and resourceful But she does make mistakes and has fears and concerns I loved watching her grow during the course of the book I thought the other crew members were excellent characters too if mostly in the background The plot was excellent and fun This was a perfect read in a perfect moment I will certainly be reading of this series ArrrSide note I thought this was the first book I had ever read by the author But apparently she also wrote the Paksenarrion series I read omnibus the deed of paksenarrion back in the day Sadly me only memories of these books were that I liked them Nothing in me noggin’ about it SighCheck out me other reviews at

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    Military space actiony stuff which sadly pales in comparison to Lois McMaster Bujold who besides stuff like Star Wars I guess provided my first exposure to that genre The problem I think is that there are really no developed memorable characters in Trading in Danger besides the protagonist Kylara Vatta which means there’s no one for her to bounce off of It made the whole story seem very narrow I also found the denouement rather clunky and dull I wouldn’t be adverse to reading the next book in this series if I were say stuck in an airport somewhere but I’m certainly not rushing out to find it either

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    A very enjoyable read if you wanting mega firefights with fancy out of this world technical jargon with spaceships or battle scenes with fancy weaponry then this not for youyou want a great character driven storyline which deals with lifes ups and downs and how people react with those around them and handle what get chucked at us dealing with it all in the best possible way we can We do our bestwhat dosent kill us makes us a better stronger person to deal with the next thing life brings to us and oursA great start this is I what remembered reading in the authors Pak fantasy series and enjoying

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    I am too busy for life at the moment But you know what?I enjoyed the shit out of this

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    Man what a fun book It pairs extremely well with CJ Cherryh's merchanter novels which I can't stop talking about srynotsry since the titular Vatta Corporation is a hereditary business of traders and transporters which involves the tangled web of family and business the dogged push for the bottom line rubbing elbows with galactic government and mercenariesTheir wayward daughter Kylara Vatta is ignobly expelled from a military academy for the mistake of trusting the wrong person and winds up having to scrape her life back together and find her sea legs in the family business on her first run as captain only to wind up in an increasing morass of problems as the system they're in erupts into war The twists and turns are really engaging I finished this book in just a couple of days and I was especially riveted whenever we spent time with the Mackensee Military Assistance Corporation in reality an extremely organised group of mercenaries with galactic ratings re whether or not they harm civilians and the InterStellar Communications Corporation the ISC a communications company with an utterly savage monopoly on ansible technology and who will straight up bring down the hammer on anyone who messes with their comms Seriously I love these two organisations and hope they remain prominent in subseuent books There's a bit of competency porn in seeing them operate especially in contrast to Ky having to fly by the seat of her pants which is not to say that she's inefficient because she's actually great level headed and capable and trying her best even when dealt a terrible hand I love that her greatest weakness is actually because of the asshole men around herIt's also great that some of the three most prominent characters Ky herself uincy and Pitt are all ladiesThe book's details of trade and profit and their scraping together enough to afford their various shipfaring costs might be a little dull but I personally love that shit So this is all right up my alley in the way it combines tradecraft mercenaries war SPACEHowever I'm docking a star because compared to Cherryh I'm sorry she's just going to be on my mind forever the prose wasn't as lovely and Ky is a little blank? She's a reactive figure bouncing from predicament to predicament and handling them and there's some attempt at fleshing her out but I never got a huge sense of her personality besides her problem solving capabilities The events of the book didn't ever tug at my emotional heartstrings either and just remained an exciting ride throughout I'll definitely continue with the rest of the series though I can never get enough of merchant based space opera '

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    What a great start to a series The best stories I've ever read with a 21 year old MCI thought I'd signed up for a space opera with a swashbuckling female captain pesky pirates and strange aliens Instead I got level headed Ky who has a head for business and military training and a peek at a some complicated galactic corporate politics There were no romantic distractions no over the top heroics just pure pragmatism and creative problem solving in a very unlucky and dicey situation It made my logical little heart singAlso I thank the author for teaching me to never under estimate the power of fruitcake