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[ Audiobooks ] Bound Before the Morrow Author David J. Ring III –

Escaping The Unbearable Memories Of His Past, Guy Bismarck Has Buried Himself In Office Work A Twist Of Fate Shakes Up His World Layers Of Delusion And Placation Crack, Ending His Long Dormancy Fame, Wealth, Love, And Beauty, Of A Greatness And Vastness That Guy Could Never Even Have Imagined, Blossom Will This Lead To The Happiness That Has Long Eluded Guy, Or Will The Reality He Had Long Hidden From Come Back To Haunt Him, Putrefying His World And Burying Him Literally Simply awful. Unfortunately I didn t get too far through this book before I lost complete interest I wanted to like it bit I just couldn t get into it This book was quite good I had a hard time putting it down I am always trying to get ahead in life so I totally understand this book I think it was very well written and worth I read I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review I won this book in a giveaway.When Guy Bismarck feels that his world is just falling apart, he gets the chance to change everything However, the changes come with a price.David J Ring III amplifies the old adage, good things come to those who wait Bound Before the Morrow take a man, one who s life is just falling apart Guy not only loses his mother to cancer, but a job promotion to a sleaze ball Thinking that his life is completely over, he is locked on the roof of his office building overnight After breaking his toe trying to kick the door open, he decides that the only thing left to do is to take his life But wait, he can t even do that right.Ring s story is beautifully written, very well descriptive and the characters can carry themselves throughout the story Their development becomes the story their lives become the plot.A fast read, but also, a must read. This is a GoodReads First Reads Review.3.5 stars The first half of the book starts extremely strong I loved the initial characterization and the overall premise What would happen if someone who is down on their luck, everything going disastrously wrong, decides to end their life but is subsequently saved by a mysterious being that leaves them a briefcase granting them their 2 biggest desires.Guy Bismark s character and his innocuous rages at everything from dog poop on his lawn to bad drivers endearing quirks I suppose Reminds me of a guy I knew once with a fiery temper to match his fiery red hair Also reminds me of Junior Cain in the Dean Koontz novel From The Corner of His Eye Or at least that s how I pictured Guy, though not much physical description is given.Guy s subsequent descent into the depths of full blown douchebaggery through the second half novel disconcerted me At the end you ll most likely end up hating both main protagonists Also the mysterious being that rescues him never returns to imbue any further lessons on Guy Which I feel strongly that Guy required a few pointers in life Unless the being s intent was to save Guy only to screw with him a bit , push a few buttons, etc In which case well played sir I can see the bits and pieces of the message the author intended to convey, however, the novel is short and ends abruptly I don t feel like the message buried below the surface was given enough room to be excavated to its fullest potential So while the story didn t strike me it was written so well I found myself finishing it in 2 days I look forward to seeing from this author, his writing is superb.