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The ancient Mayan belief that the future was divinely decreed and could not be changed is the basis for this original tale of a boy who must defeat the Rain God in a ball game to save his people from disaster Mayan art and architecture were the inspiration for the spectacular cut paper artwork

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    This feel good story of a mortal besting a god is overshadowed by Wisniewski's astounding artwork layers and layers of cut paper make this Hint you might need to look up some of the pronunciations in the back if you're going to be reading this one aloud

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    What might it have been like to have been Mayan? Or to have lived under their accurately abnormal calendar? Although not fully giving the reader a true sense of Mayan identity it is a good stepping stone for those who may be interested or those who need a bit of a cultural change in their reading no matter what their age may be Although it doesn't explore the full aspect of Mayan life and what it may have been like the reader is introduced to one of the sports they participate in the famous calendar one of the Gods special animals and even some details such as clothing Further although the illustrator has acknowledged that the art isn't truly 100% it is a good nod to the actual drawings that can be seen within Mayan artifacts I do want to give a warning to adult readers though Although the illustrations aren't your normal type they do have a dark and somewhat intimidating side to them Really young children who are susceptible to nightmares may be better steered away from the book until they are older and better able to take it into concept since the artwork can be truly scary like Otherwise a decent book and one that can be possibly fun to read during really hot days or even when a summer storm is gathering in the distance

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    We read this as part of our ancient American study of the Mayans The boys really liked it The illustrations are superb and bring a lot to the storyThe story itself is sensational as are most legendsfairy tales but that's what makes it funValuable addition to study for the Mayan culture It makes it very easy for the little ones to feel involved too

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    More amazing paper cut artwork Mayan story with gods A little hard to catch on to at first for middle to older elementary

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    I couldn't read my students Golem so I read them this instead They were absolutely transfixed and so was I We reread this book nearly three times during our library class

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    Beautifully illustrated nicely structured and engaging story built around a real Mayan game

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    One of my favorite Incubus songs Wish You Were Here has a lovely lyric that goes The ocean looks like a thousand diamonds strewn across a blue blanket and this book really reminds me of that Minus the shirtless angsty Brandon Boyd the images in this gorgeous cautionary tale of mortal vs god appear to be cut out painstakingly arranged and then pasted or strewn if you will across white green and black blankets backgrounds The icing to the literary cake is the wealth of information in the afterword about all things Mayan whether it's pronunciation of the game pok a tok illumination about the importance of uetzals or even just defining what a cenote is A young athletic braggart learns his lesson assisted by mother nature and ends up saving his city from devastating drought Though the story is simple and straightforward and I enjoyed it whatever you may find lacking in it is than made up for by 1 did I mention the art? and 2 a jaguar

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    This book would be good to introduce Mayan culture to students I did not enjoy the book as much as some of the other books I have read It was very long for a picture book and had a lot of language that may not be comprehendible for the younger audience that it was intended for

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    A great take on a Mayan folktale where a young man who is a pok a tok player is frustrated by a drought caused by the Choc the god of rain If Pik the young man beats Choc in the game Choc will allow it to rain Through a tough trial and a exciting game someone wins

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    Mayan tale of drought and determination