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There has to be to life than we re born, we live the best we can and then that s it we re worm food right I ve always thought there is to life, but I guess I have never selected a religion or a firm belief in anything The whole idea of reincarnation appeals to me, but I would not say I have spent hours considering it.This book challenged me to think about my world Some of the silly things I spend time and money on It got me wondering about life you don t often get that from a book do you The story takes you from the trivial day to day concerns of present day Western life, draws you in to seeing yourself in the women and then right hooks you with a past life which really puts things into perspective As I m writing this I become and appreciative of how subtly and cleverly that is done.I love the Mothers to be, I particularly love Jiya s story and I really enjoyed the end.5 Have you ever wondered if the life developing inside a pregnant woman was somehow connected with the soul of a past life Such is the premise of this story The first half of this story was a little slow for me and I was not bonding with the characters at all However, the second half, which explored the past lives was very compelling and heart tugging Over all,a very fast read and a good story. Vicky Is Desperate To Make Her Mark, In A World Which Just Doesn T Seem To Notice HerSilence And Smiles Hide The Pain That Nell Is Keeping To HerselfSarah S Dreams Of Having A Family Seem HopelessAnd Then There S Shannon, Who S In Trouble At School Yet AgainBut What These Four Women Don T Know Is That Someone Or Something Is Watching ThemA Much Recycled Soul, Suspended Between One Life And The Next, Realises That Vicky, Nell, Sarah And Shannon Are Embarking On Their Journey Towards Motherhood As Memories From Past Incarnations Return To This Soul, It Becomes Clear That One Of These Women Will Be Chosen To Guide It OnceSoul To Take Explores What It Is To Become A Parent And Considers The Possibility That Actually, Our Children Are The Ones Who Carefully Select Us This was such a beautiful story Soul to Take is about four women Vicky, Nell, Shannon, and Sarah, as they venture into motherhood Helen Bateman did a wonderful job writing the stories of these women I saw a little bit of myself in each one There s also a point of view from the soul As the soul watches these women it must decide which one to choose It also has memories of past reincarnations which was interesting to read I don t know if i believe in the whole reincarnation thing, but it was something to think about The ending was a bit of a surprise for me, and at first I was a little disappointed, but after going back and re reading the last few pages I understand why it ended that way, and it was a happy ending I would definitely recommend this book to everyone Especially to new mommy s to be. If you want to cry, shiver and get goosebumps I recommend this book The best character is the Soul and it s unique voice but all the characters are wonderful A good book is one which you feel you live in, a great book is one you don t want to let go of This is a great book. Loved it loved it loved it I m seriously tired today because I had to finish this book last night and stayed up way too late I just love the concept ingenious I don t normally write reviews but feel compelled to shout about this one from the rooftops I m about to become a Mum so it may well be the hormones This book had me crying, smiling, laughing generally gripped throughout I read a fair amount and have a long list of books I have thoroughly enjoyed None have got me thinking and connected with me emotionally like this one again probably hormones playing their part.The four mums whose lives you look into are very real and you feel like you know them probably because you see a bit of yourself in each one This is what gets you drawn in The whole soul concept took me a little while to get my head around, but once I got over that hurdle I was completely submerged There is one bit where one of the mothers miscarries which is just heart breaking and the British stiff upper lip is wonderfully crafted around her tale The style of the book will then transfer you from that difficult subject to a light hearted moment in an instant and you find yourself completely and utterly engrossed.I maintain the caveat that it could be my hormones talking, but I can t recommend this book highly enough particularly to women, especially to mums. Read this for book club and it just was not a book I liked at all. I read this book at roughly the same time as I read A Long Time Gone I d love to pretend this was some sort of calculated selection on my part, but there are certain parallels between these excellent reads.Soul to take moves you through the lives of four very real women who are all sailing the good ship to motherhood I say these women are real because you really get to know them In the age of airbrushing, social media portrayals of perfect lives and moms, super diets and botox I love the very down to earth quality Helen Bateman gives these central characters The way the book deals with this cross section of the female species and the insecurities that unite them is deep and intelligent.By contrast the men are practically perfect which is the only slight issue I have with the book Again though, these men are well drawn characters and they deal with the real life subjects in an authentic way.The trips to past lives are well done and the end is really beautifully pulled together The whole spiritual dimension could easily have tied itself in knots or got bogged down but this is cleverly avoided without being superficial of leaving you feel like anything needs clearing up It s a great first book and one of those Indies you just can t believe is an Indie So, I would summarize by saying 1 Buy it you ll love it 2 If you like this you d also love A Long Time Gone.3 Yay for Moms the world over What a journey they go on. I usually read 2 or 3 books at a time and am no different at the moment I decided to read We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves and Soul to Take.I cannot give a better compliment to this book than the fact that i stopped reading We are all completely beside ourselves I just wanted to see how this was going to end so much The way this story takes you around the characters means you are always struggling to put it away One chapter You see the name of the next chapter and it is like seeing an old friend so you just have to read it.The book is not religious, it is a spritual book with chick lit style characters and a contemporary fiction method of writing I like the way it all blends together into a work of art It is not following a formula of a genre Helen Bateman just writes this book the way she wants to write it I admire that.This book is not a big hit It lies undiscovered on , waiting for explorers to find it like a treasure I am very glad I explored it and I hope, if you are reading this, you go for it like I did.Soni A group I m in recommended this book to me, telling me it is a hidden gem.I guess I thought I d give it a go as it was my first goodreads recommendation.I doubt I ll get a better recommendation if I m on here for the rest of my life It s not just the fact that it s a good book More the fact that I d never have found it if someone hadn t recommended it to me.The Author a new Indie well worth watching writes in a really interesting style It s not a long book, but it doesn t waste any time with anything and that makes it a gripping read You do sometimes feel when you are reading a book that there are a couple of padding chapters Not in here Just economic with words and very sincerely constructed characters.Reading the other reviews I needed inspiration as I m not a reviewer really I feel the same sense of responsibility to get others to read this and get it out to the masses There are some key messages in here that really hit home without the book being too heavy.I m being purposely vague now to avoid spoilersThe contrasts between the previous incarnations and the Western women s troubles and worries make you reflect Are the things I worry about really worth wasting energy on Should I worry about new clothes, what my friends think of my house, my career etc When compared to starving to death or fighting in a war staring down the barrel of death no I shouldn t This book made me think about that carefully and actually made me stop worrying about a few trivial things which were bothering me How many books can you read that actually help you like that The reincarnation subject wasn t something I really thought about very much until I read this When you think about it, it s actually a very comforting concept.So you have this really interesting thread of things to reflect on while you read this book but rest assured, it isn t hard work reading it The characters like the other reviews say are real, lovely and pleasingly imperfect There is a sprinkling of observational humor in the book to and you do find yourself laughing at yourself or a friend who you know would do exactly what just happened in the book.It s such a clever, concise book In my very humble opinion, you should make the time to read it and we should all watch this author with interest she might just be a bit special Strongly recommend.