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Spilled MOBI è Kindle Edition

Jane has a nice house a good job and a husband who loves her In spite of all that today she thinks she's having the worst day anyone could possibly ever have Follow her and six others whose only connection is being in the same place at the same time through one day in their lives Watch the permanent and sometimes tragic effects they unwittingly have on each other's lives

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    Spilled is one hell of a story Spilled is so simple Jane goes to the coffee shop before work to get coffee and bagels for her collegues As she's leaving the coffee gets spilled all down her shirt From there we learn what happens to every customer in that coffee shop the rest of that day As each goes about the day different things happenbut it all started when the coffee was Spilled The story flows smoothly from one person to the next The characters are all so different JE Barrett hooks me from the first page Spilled has to be the most memorable beginning I've read in a very long time Jane is one character I hope I can forget about and still a part of me wants to remember her always Spilled is very unnerving Recommended for everybody Spilled would be an excellent book club choice too Read Spilled It shouldn't take long

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    While I had high hopes for this based on other reviews I was sadly disappointed The story has no depth The characters are for the most part glossed over tells with very little show Most of them are completely unlikeable More than half of the book deals with Jane who thinks she is having a terrible day and her pettiness is ridiculous I read the whole thing but would not recommend it to anyone else