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May the Seven Gods of Luck visit youSachiko and Kenji just want to welcome the new year in the proper way but their mother tells them they don't have the money for a New Year's feast An act of generosity brings help from an unexpected source in this heartwarming Japanese classic A lively adaptation of a Japanese folktale The well paced carefully plotted text has a sprightly partner in its stylized gently colored illustrations School Library Journal“A sweetly illustrated retelling” – The New York TimesFifteenth Anniversary Edition with new notes by author David Kudler

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    I like Asian storries and this folklore retelling was cute and sweet I enjoyed learning about this particular new year's tradition of the Japanese people with the added bonus of a fun portrayer of the seven gods of luck AwesomeJinky is Reading

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    A book about sharing and the New Year in Japan When two kids realize that their mother cannot afford a proper New Year's meal for the family the children pitch in deciding to sell the things they have made A trade and a few prayers later and they are rewarded for their generosity and honest hearts

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    Okay so I know this is a children's book and I know I'm much older than the intended age group but I found this underwhelmingThe story is like a retelling of the fairy tale about the old man who gives a bunch of Jizo statues the hats he made substituting children for the old man and the Seven Gods of Luck for the Jizo It's not a particularly great retellingAbrupt is the best way to describe this story I know it's a kid's book but it's still choppy and doesn't flow and stops is a better word for the ending than ends It's like Oh boy It's New Year's Eve We're cleaning and then Mom comes home and says Yeah no celebrating I paid off our debts so we don't have money and then the kids are all We have stuff we can sell The middle part is the only part that works since it's almost the same as that old man and jizo story I mentioned before and then the story just stops It meets the minimum criteria of resolving the plot but barely I turned the page expecting but nope nothing It just stops and it really feels like there should be one line rather then ending on a big reveal but ehAgain I know this is a kid's book but it doesn't do much for me at all

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    Present a Japanese New Year's custom to elementary age student's This is a fun tale of a brother and sister who when faced without the expected celebration decided to do put forth effort to make it better When all seemed hopeless events took an unexpected turnThere is a few valuable lessons that are presented on unselfishness service and perseveranceThe illustrations were nicely done by Linda Finch The are slightly dull and simple but depicts the story well They definitely give the audience a flair of the Orient The story was written simply presenting the main points clearly After the story is told the author ads some follow up information which can be used for further enlightenment and discussionThis is short and perfect for children's story time It can be purchased in a large paperback enabling a group to easily see the picturesIt is book worthy of recommendation My review of this book gives it a Four Stars ratingThis book was sent to me in exchange for an honest review of which I have given

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    I received this book book from the publisher when the book I had won a Goodreads Contest when another book I had won was delayed in being sent to meThe story is a simple Japanese folktale with a wonderful moral The illustrations are very well done With the large pages this book will be good for storytime then it has a happy ending which all stories for younger children should haveI enjoyed the book This would be a bood book for a younger audience I would recommend the book for anyone who likes to read to younger children or for children just starting to read

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    This book is one of my favorites out of all the books I have read so far for this assignment It is very cute and family oriented The children want so badly to make the holidays the same as every year and they cannot but they are generous and do not expect anything but end up getting than what they expect

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    I just wanted to thank for doing this giveaway and to say that I'm very happy to have won a copy Once I receive it in the mail I plan on reading it giving it took my cousin who loves to read and then review it with both of our thoughts

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    I chose this book because I had to read a book from a multicultural genre and I liked the message I liked how this book shows what you can receive from being so nice I also liked how the children tried to help out their mother It shows good character

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    Alden 5 stars It's a nice message Me A brother and sister make their own luck

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    Nice look at another culture's celebration of the New Year focused on generosity and family