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Devi Morris isn't your average mercenary She has plans Big ones And a ton of ambition It's a combination that's going to get her killed one day but not just yet That is until she just gets a job on a tiny trade ship with a nasty reputation for surprises The Glorious Fool isn't misnamed it likes to get into trouble so much so that one year of security work under its captain is eual to five years everywhere else With odds like that Devi knows she's found the perfect way to get the jump on the next part of her Plan But the Fool doesn't give up its secrets without a fight and one year on this ship might be than even Devi can handle

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    Cotter leaned forward “Where do you get off being such a bossy bitch?”I looked him dead in the eyes “I was born a bossy bitch so you can either roll with it or get rolled over Normally I wouldn't use the word formula in a book review for a good reason Do any of us really want to read a novel that's formulaic? I would think not However Fortune's Pawn does something very interesting it combines a breathtaking universe full of imagination mysteries and new creatures with that particular formula I love so much in adult UF series like Moning's Darkfever and Kane's Unholy Ghosts What is that formula?Well it goes something like this totally unapologetic badass heroine fascinating supernatural in this case alien creatures mysteries within mysteries within mysteries a touch of romance with a hot guy who isn't a complete douche twists and turns an ending that isn't a cliffhanger but leaves you desperate for anywayThere is no formula for a good book obviously but if you do this^ kinda shit well then you are pretty much guaranteed to have me hooked And Bach just completely nails it all action humour sexual tension and a mystery that will take the reader all the way across the universe and back There's murder and sex and secrets don't pretend you aren't intrigued ;The story opens with our heroine and narrator Devi Morris who is a fiery and ambitious mercenary Not content to work her way up the ranks and be promoted to a desk job she seeks out exciting things the top of the top and her only way to get there is by joining the crew on The Glorious Fool a ship famous for its high mortality rate At first all she wants to do is carry out her job and stay alive long enough to get the position she longs for but life has other plans for herDevi gets pulled into a mystery that gets bigger with every chapter People on her ship are up to something and she starts to wonder who she can really trust Friendships are formed sexual tension runs wild betrayal could be around any corner But for me there is one huge winning factor of this book above all others I love Devi Morris She is officially up there with my favourite heroines of all time I like her both because she's tough and smart but also because she's delightfully flawed sleeps with all the wrong guys maintains a perfect level of sarcasm throughout and drinks like a fish “I’m going to see if I can’t trick Cotter into playing us for serious money You count the cards I’ll bluff and we’ll get enough out of him to keep us both in drinks for the next month”“But I don’t drink” Nova said as I ushered her into the hall“That’s okay” I assured her “I’ll drink yours for you” I literally mean it when I say I couldn't put this book down It's such a perfect balance of hard sci fi and page turning goodness I can't wait to read the next oneBlog | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Tumblr

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    This book kicked ass I loved the main characters the mystery the setting the plot twists I JUST LOVED IT Perfect light sci fi If you like space stuff that isn't that complicated but highly entertaining I give two thumbs up

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    ►► BR with the BBB gang starting September 14 2015DNF at 48%❣❣ A dedication To all my friends who read and loved this book I love you I'm sorry I suck so much at BRs and have such crappy book taste It's a wonder you haven't unfriended me yetContrary to popular belief I do NOT actually enjoy DNFing books Neither do I enjoy writing the corresponding reviews Okay that might be a slight lie Might Slight More or less You really do want me do say it don't you? Fine I'll say it I always enjoy writing DNF reviews sometimes Especially when OMG I can't believe I was stupid enough to give YA another try happens Or when WTF I think feminism just committed suicide again this must be Freaking PNR happens Because who doesn't like to ragerantvent once in a while? It's very healthy for one's poor little nerves A good way to release the pressure and all that But I digress This book right here is unfortunately not the ragingrantingventing kind of DNF This book right here is this kind of DNFThe kind where you find yourself wondering what the hell is wrong with you and why everyone but you seems to have loved the fcking book The kind where you end up checking the book cover every 5 minutes to make sure you didn't pick up the wrong book by mistake Please let me sigh again here for good measure view spoilerTwo cute gifs in a row This is bad Very bad This book definitely had a disastrous effect on me hide spoiler

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    Man I blitzed right through this book both times I've read it It's an incredibly uick read in the tradition of the old pulp science fiction space opera novels but with a kickass heroine rather than the guy this book would be about if it were written 50 years ago and better technologyDeviana Morris is a private mercenary soldier one with super high tech gee whiz space armor and weapons that makes her the physical euivalent of any guy Both her armor Lady Gray and her weapons Sasha Mia and Phoebe have names and she loves them than any person in her life Devi also has heaps of ambition and what she wants most in life is to be invited to join the Devastators the most elite ard unit on her planet She's looking for the uickest way to become a Devastator and taking a job as a security guard on a particularly dangerous trade freighter spaceship the Glorious Fool with its well connected captain promises to get her to her goal soonest if she can only surviveThe danger on the Glorious Fool turns out to be no joke Captain Caldswell has a way of finding trouble and sending Devi and her partner Cotter a macho dude with a huge set of armor and an ego to match right into the worst of it There are some weird characters including a couple of aliens on board the ship and the ship's cook is a hot guy who's a bundle of mystery coated with sexiness and topped off with dangerDevi has a take no prisoners attitude and a love for combat and she has the guts and assertiveness to fit her role as a professional ard soldier She also fights at the drop of a hat drinks too hard and unapologetically sleeps around If you enjoy that kind of kickass main character this is a very fun read though it's not really deep or meaningful in any way and the science part of the science fiction is pretty soft stuff The mystery that slowly develops is an intriguing one with several facets to it but you won't get the answer to it in this book Fortune's Pawn is the first book in a trilogy and that is one serious cliffhanger at the end of itAs much as I enjoyed this exciting space opera adventure with a large side of romance it wasn't uite enough to send me diving into the next book the mixed reviews for the rest of this series didn't help But if I ever get a library card again I'd be inclined to check them outA soft 4 stars

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    45 stars Hugely entertaining scifi written like urban fantasy with an awesome Ripley from Alien type heroine and explosive action SPACE ALIENS KICKASS WOMAN FUN Full review is posted on the blog

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    Meet DeviShe's given 10 years of her life to hardcore training and mercenary life She's one of the best and she is determined to be better the rest She wants to be a Devastator one of the Paradox King's personal guard She's highly motivated confident sassy and ready to do whatever it takes to accomplish her goalsAt first I hard a really tough time liking her or relating to her and therefore struggled to care about her story She isn't just confident and bad ass she's obnoxiously cocky and arrogant and thinks she is God's Gift to the opposite sex That should be a huge turn off for me I wanted to run at first but then she grew on me So Devi finds out about a security job on a ship with really bad luck but it'll probably be a good enough gig to make her a Devastator so she's all about that shizzWho cares if all the security tends to die on this ship named the Glorious Fool However Devi is so confident she knows she won't become just another statistic And so after a slam dunk interview with the crazy captain Devi gets the job meets the crew and they journey to various moons and planets where CRAZY SHIT happens all the time Why? Who the hell knows for most of the book because it's mysterious The mystery is built up bigtime in this book and we only get an answer here and thereI won't go into the plot any because I'd get into spoilers So what worked for me Loved the sci fi Cool alien creatures Good story Great supporting characters Mystery and intrigueWhy I should have HATED this book Tropes The romance A few cheap plot devices An unlikeable MC at first at least Note I think if you go into this thinking of it as a soap opera you'll enjoy it In soap operas characters lie and keep secrets have angsty romances personality changes and cliffhangers are completely expected and normal Let it be like a fluffy soap opera and your expectations will remain realistic for what you're going to get with this Moving on Basil was cool and the best curmudgeonly alien navigator All I kept picturing was something like thisHyrek The huge reptiliandoctor? Who view spoiler decided not be male or female and thus had to leave his own people the xith'cal hide spoiler

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    I enjoyed Fortune's Pawn although it is certainly the first in a series given the ending Devi is a likeable character with a fun attitude toward life and a sweet modern approach to romance The plot has some unexpected twists but Devi never betrays herself or the reader Neither the violence nor the sex got too graphic for me and both are used with intelligence and moderation in service to plot and character and as such never gratuitous Bach's writing style is fast paced almost movie like with a light breezy touch This book is not work thank goodness It's good solid fun Highly recommended

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    35 starsReviewed by Rabid ReadsOn the off chance anyone hasn’t gotten the memo yet A L I E N S——I love ‘emThis is partially bc when my grandmother who I stayed with instead of going to daycare wasn’t reading me fairy tales I was watching PBS specials on the ocean or OUTER SPACEWhich is why when I was in first grade and got asked what I wanted to be when I grew up I said “Astronaut”That not panning out didn’t make me bitter It made me friggin’ love A L I E N SI love good aliens I love humans triumphing over bad aliens I would totally be one of the idiots holding a sign and screaming for the aliens to beam me up should a spaceship ever appear in our atmosphereAnd one will someday I can FEEL itI think the appeal lies in the infinite possibilities It’s also what makes Science Fiction so much fun It’s SCIENCE so it could totally happen one day but it’s also FICTION so it’s free to stretch the bounds of credulity Fortune’s Pawn by Rachel Bach embraces both of those ideals beautifullyDevi Morris is a seriously kick ass female Raised in a military society she wants nothing than to serve in the most elite company in existence Trouble is even though Devi is as hardcore as they come she doesn’t have the experience Doesn’t want to wait the standard 10 years to get it either So she acts on a tip from a friend in the know and signs on for a year long stint on a notorious trade vessel If Devi survives her contract she has it on good authority that the right people will be impressedFrom the beginning it’s than obvious that things on the Glorious Fool aren’t exactly what they seem It doesn’t make sense that a simple trader would have such a high turnover rate for security officers “turnover” is a euphemism for DEAD and some of the crew are clearly keeping secrets But Devi is determined to keep her nose out of not her business—there is a giant pit full of inuisitive mercenaries somewhere and Devi doesn’t want to jeopardize her futureShe does want to kick A L I E N assAnd she gets to Often Her most freuent target is the pirating insect of course breed of alien They live in “hive” ships They’re basically giant sentient exoskeletons so killing them is virtually impossible reuires a between the eyes shotSo how do Paradoxians like Devi compensate for being so outclassed?Really cool armor that’s howDevi used two entire years’ salary to purchase her own rather than just using whatever her employer hands out armor She can put it on in 19 seconds flat The individual pieces lock together in such a way that there are virtually no vulnerabilities It makes her stronger faster acts on its own to prevent injury if she’s getting slung around If she somehow does manage to get injured it takes measures to prevent further injury—seals off wounds injects with adrenaline etc The visor of her helmet constantly scrolls all kinds of information and can zoom onto targets at just a thought from the wearerIt’s like wearing an incapable of speech Night Rider car KITT——pret ty dang coolBut the most impressive part of this book is it’s consistencyDevi’s priority is ALWAYS meeting her career goals She may get distracted momentarily but she always realizes it uickly and immediately makes adjustments My #1 character pet peeve is waffling LOATHE it And not only is Devi consistent ALL of the other characters are tooThe nonstop action is also a major selling point Something is always happening and that something is relevant to the overall plotline—none of the action is superfluous; it all serves a purposeBut what is that purpose?Well I have a pretty good idea but I can’t tell you for certain yetWhich brings me to the one and only reason that I am glad to be behind the pack in reading this series—CLIFFHANGER ending But never fear the series has already concluded with all installments available to you at the click of a button oh how I LOVE the electronic ageSo yeah this book ends in a cliffy and it is a doozy There are also unanswered uestions but the kinds of unanswered uestions that are typical of a first in series not the type that have you scratching your head trying to figure out what in the bloody heck is going on Like I said I have a good idea about that I just don’t know to what end yet but I’m not supposed to so it’s coolOverall I enjoyed this book immensely I would recommend it to anyone who loves heroines of the kick ass persuasion scifi A L I E N S and all of that with a nice dash of romance Fortune’s Pawn by Rachel Bach is an excellent start to what I am convinced is an excellent series

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    This book was great but there were a few things that could have been done a lot better What I Didn’t Like the romanceI did not care an ounce for the romance between Devi and Rupert Of all the men Devi had met in her life as someone who traveled a lot and was in a field dominated by men which meant she was surrounded by men at all time she had to go fall for Rupert who is one of the worst men that she could have fallen for It’s not because Rupert is a bad person; to the contrary he’s a fucking Gary Stu It’s because he cannot be unavailable for romance I hated how for most of the book the romance was one sided on Devi’s end In addition Rupert is a danger to Devi and he can easily ruin her career goal to become a Devastator a dream she has worked to hell for because of who he is and his duties the love interestWho is Rupert? Well as I said he is a Gary Stu He’s tall and handsome He cooks He protects Ren the Captain’s mute little girl He fights better than he lets on better than anyone Devi a super tough heroine who has fought countless people and things has ever known that it seems so inhuman He’s mysterious gags I felt like a wishlist of traits in the perfect marriageable man was being checked off as Rupert was developed as a character and ironically the dude is not even available for romance so fuck marriageUpon revelation readers learn Rupert is a self torturous soul who is forced to choose between doing his duties and being with his first love that is Devi When I learned that I immediately thought “Am I reading a science fiction or a cheesy romance set in a science fiction?” Oh my gawd the romance was so cheesy the romance part 2The romance was also forced Rupert’s reasons for falling in love with Devi were flimsy as straws; it was borderline instalove Devi was unlike anyone Rupert had ever met Bitch please With Devi I was baffled how a self proclaimed commitment phobe could suddenly for the first time in her life not only fall in love but to fall in love with someone as said before who could not be unavailable for romance Devi could have chosen Anthony who she had known for a long time and trusts and does her favors which she doesn’t even return Anthony who loved her and made his intention of wanting a commitment with her clear Anthony who has the look the job and the money etc But oh no Devi had to choose the guy who made it clear he cannot be with her and she was willing to risk everything for him when he clearly said he could not do the same Have some self respect Devi Have a fucking bucket of self respectThe only silver lining was that Anthony wasn’t pulled along in Devi’s romance shitfest and appeared only twice in the book both times briefly No stupid love triangle at least the endingAnd the ending What the fuck? Basically the plot shoved Devi back to step one and now in book two readers will be forced to go through the romance shitfest between her and Rupert ALL OVER AGAIN No Just no I kind of hope Rupert is one of the characters that gets killed The ending left a sour taste of what was mostly an enjoyable read if you put aside the romance shitfestWhat I Did Like the heroineA friend told me a Goodreads reviewer described the heroine as a Kate Daniels in space Kate Daniels? In Space? I love Kate Daniels This book turned from “mildly interesting read it when in a scifi mood” to “very interesting read it over the weekend” The description was accurate much to my pleasure Devi was every bit the kickass heroine I expected The things that made Devi different from Kate was her ambition her reverence for her Paradoxian heritage and monarch her respect towards authority her fondness for the drink and her proud attitude towards sex When Deviana Morris wants some she gets some whether it be drink or sex Screw you double standard I loved her unrestrained attitude I also loved that she was nobody’s fool Devi knew when to follow her instincts and when to ignore them for the sake of continual deception and her career She didn’t put complete trust in the Final World Lock her Paradoxian armor suit’s black box and had a backup black box called a Mercenary’s Bargain even though it was illegal as death The woman was prepared and practical completely believable as a mercenary the world buildingI wasn’t as lost as I thought I was going to be because the book was hard science fiction with alien races and intergalactic conflicts It didn’t take me than a few chapters before I tightly grasped what was going on and who was who and of what alien race and loyalty The world building was very solidly done The geopolitical landscape read genuinely like world news you would see on BBC or CNN except the setting is in the distant future and there are aliens in the mix You had your intelligent and big ego to match bird like aliens the aeons your hunts and eats other aliens lizard like aliens the xith’cal your mysterious hardly ever seen jellyfish like aliens the lelgis Of course there are humans and they separated into Terrans and Paradoxians the former a republic the latter a monarchy But it’s not just humans who have factions I also got to learn of a few in other alien races As it is with humans just because you are of the same species doesn’t mean you share the same loyalty There were as many intraspecies conflicts as there were interspecies ones The world building didn’t say there was a war going on but there were “military conflicts” government conspiracies biological weapons blah blah the usual shit you read on worlds news except as you know with aliens in the mix That said sometime aliens do get along with each other as the case is with the Glorious Fool the other charactersAs a reader I have a pretty hard time tracking characters but this book did not give me any hardship Every character of the Glorious Fool was distinguishable and memorable I love the sense of humor which underlaid the character development Take for example Hyrek One would think the last character to be the ship’s doctor I repeat the ship’s doctor is of a race who eats people but yet there was Hyrek a xith’cal doctor a genderueer xith’cal doctor Hell some of the characters I least expected to like I actually came to like Nova full name Novascape Starchild yes really helped man the ship’s bridge She was developed as this sheltered girl who came from um a religious group to put it kindly if you catch my drift Of course I uickly saw that beneath the sweet hippie surface was someone who actually thought for herself and there was a perfectly good reason for the existence of the religious group Psychics are in the house Cotter was the other half of the security team which Devi served on and dude was a stereotypical sexist thug whose brain was only capable of seeing things to kill and killing them I expected there to be a lot of drama and spats between Devi and her antithesis of a co worker but surprisingly there were none Cotter was a wee smarter than I thought and didn’t need than one asskicking lesson to accept the fact that Devi was the top dog Cotter grew on me He grew on me than I thought because what happened to him at the end I was sadI came to care for all the members of the Glorious Fool yes including Rupert as much as he annoyed me Dude did save Devi’s life a bunch of times and I like Devi alive With Captain Caldswell I have mixed feelings to be honest even though there are good reasons to despise him I have mixed feelings because I have yet to learn his side of the story I’m not ready to condemn him just on Devi and Rupert’s side of the story alone But I think this is a good thing because it means his character is dimensional the plotPutting aside the romance I liked everything about the plot I liked how the plot balanced between the slow times and the fast times I never felt bored at all My favorite parts were when Devi tried to uncover conspiracies and we readers learn what Devi learned was only the tip of the iceberg I foresee epicnessThere are a lot of things in play and it could have been confusing which is why I am really thankful that the book was strictly narrated from Devi’s first person viewpointConclusionI rate Fortune’s Pawn 3 stars for I liked it While the yucky romance cost the book a star the book remains a great read I actually think the current book description doesn’t do enough to advertise how action and intrigue filled the book is If you’re in the mood for science fiction promising epicness and love kickass heroines give a Fortune’s Pawn a tryReview of book 2 Honor's Knight

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    4 Stars I adored this book It wasn't perfect by any means For example I'm not uite sure how I feel about the romance and I did feel like at times during this book we were just really left in the dark That being said I flew through it I particularly loved Devi all of the cool space opera world building and getting to slowly know the characters I'm excited to move on with the trilogy for sure