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[[ Read ePUB ]] Paradox Special Edition (Paradox, #1-2) Author Patti Roberts –

I got the Special Edition book 1 2 on kindle Now I have to have them in paperback It has a nice flow and the character and surrounding depiction is extraordinary The way the author reveals the story bit by bit makes this series special And my daughter an avid reader absolutely loved it WOW Anyone who loves a great read must read Paradox Love Love Love KUDO s to Ms Roberts I first got to know Patti on Goodreads, because she is one of the first if not the first , to take part in the Fellow Bibliophiles page She also very generously gave me a ebook special edition, containing the first two books of her series The Angels are Here and The Progeny of Innocence Initially, I was rather confused about the series Who are these Grigorians Are they fallen angels And who are these Bulguardian Who are the Wafes I suspect there aren t any clear answers because Patti wants the reader to learn alongside Grace The book is compelling because of the mystery The Paradox series is basically a metanarrative about the conflict between good and evil In the macrocosm of things, there are the Grigorians and the Bulgarians, and the snippets of their battle especially through the portrayal of Therria and the rest of the Grigorians emphasize the magnitude of the war, and the risk of losing The Grigorians aren t the typical Twilight esque magic creatures They might be beautiful, but they re also evil There isn t any of the wishy washy, tortured evil villian here Grace, the main protagonist, is a Wafe I m not sure what that means, but I know that she s important And that s enough to carry the story Her interactions with her best friend Angela, her friends Josh, Zach and of course her love interest, is true to real life She sounds like a typcial teenager, not angst ing over everything, but well, normal And it s the juxtaposition of the everyday life and the cosmic war that makes the series really unique It might have taken me quite a long time to finish the two books, but that s only because I m slow when it comes to ebooks A word to the wise though when portraying the evilness of the Grigorians, it s invariable that what can be termed as advisory content appears It s not explicit, but still, I recommend making sure that whoever reads this is mature enough to handle it First published at My Name Is Juliette, And This Is My Story Nine Hundred Years Ago, I DiedToday, I Am AliveThis Is Not A Story About Vampires However, We Are Talking About A Predatory Being That Existed Long Before The Word Vampire Was Ever Whispered The Real Monsters Behind The Legendary Vampire Myths That Reigned In Ancient Times They Were A Race Of Fallen Angels Called GrigoriansGrace Is A Little Girl On A Journey Of Self Discovery A Journey That She Is Struggling To Understand As She Deals With The Catastrophic Events That Are Forcing Their Way Into Her Otherwise Seemingly Normal, If Not Sometimes, Strange World She Finds Herself Trapped In A Nightmare, Consumed By Her Paralyzing Loss And Overwhelming Grief The Haunting Visions And Untimely Deaths Of Others Are A Constant Reminder That Life And Death Are Only A Heartbeat AwayA Journey Crossing Two Worlds One Ancient One NewHow Do The Heartbreaking Visions Experienced By A Little Girl Fit Into This Ancient World Of Angels, Myth Legend Grace S Story Will Indeed Leave You Asking Who, When, WhereWhat Book Progeny Of Innocence Grace Is Not A Little Girl Any