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Linus Is Taken Prisoner From Earth By A Barbaric Civilization Rampaging Through Our Galaxy He Is To Be Sold Into Slavery, Spending His Life Toiling In The Factories Or Front Lines Or He May Be Killed At Any Time For The Amusement Of His Captors This Evil Empire Is Ruled By Invincible Tyrants With Limitless Abilities They Have Powers To Make Any Wish Come True Just By Thinking Of It And The Depravity Of The Rules Filters Down To Every Level Of Society This Empire Has Vast Armies With Advanced Technology Far Beyond That Of Any Of The Conquered Planets Linus Is Not A Superhero He Is An Ordinary Person With No Special Weapons Or Fighting Skills His Journey Through This Society Is A Revelation About Ourselves And Our Culture It S A Study Of Power, Who Has It And How They Got It This Novel Is About , Words About Twice The Size Of The Average Sci Fi Book It Is Not Intended For Children Or Teenagers, But Will Be Entertaining To Thinking Adults

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    The aliens came and left Earth s civilization in ruins Their technology completely overwhelmed us and then they simply loaded billions of people aboard their ships and left No one knew why they wanted those billions.Now they had returned.It was seventy five years later and civilization had been slow to recover Mostly farming communities, one small such village were taken and loaded aboard ship.One of the prisoners was a young man named Linus During the loading process, some of the people rioted and he d been shoved into a compartment away from his fellow citizens.There he made friends and learned the truth This group were pirates, scavengers that followed behind the monstrous government raids and picked over the leavings People, slaves, were simply currency by Primus Reggia, the powerful federation that controlled most of the galaxy The trip was long, lots of people died, others bullied those they could, the ship was attacked and crash landed on a planet Linus has a bit of luck and survives, managing to befriend one of the new pirates, the Rat Bastards,joining them.So begins his odyssey He moves up in rank, his computer skills coming in handy After the mission, he lives on the home planet with one family until riots break out.Back to pirating with another outfit.On an attack on a freighter, he meets a young woman terrified and helps her he was never comfortable with the pirate life and they way the whole civilization lived.His rise to positions of power, his decency, what he wants to do about it, highlight this first novel.I quite enjoyed it The author uses science fiction settings to reflect his views of our world, especially people s fascination with that most unholy, reality TV, people famous for nothing than being famous, and performance enhancing drugs prevalent in sports today All of it in one gory incident.I agreed with his views.

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    I m not a huge Sci fi fan, but this was on my Kindle To Read for the Blog list and so I started reading I contract with myself to give every new book at least 10% before putting it down the first time I realized I was well over 20% when my kids yelled, Whats for dinner Well that got me moving and I put the book down only to pick it back up a few hours later and finish it the next day.Linus is a character you can really enjoy, one that is innocent and yet not stupid in any way Life and death are everywhere and who knows what is best I enjoyed the different worlds, and the explanation about Humans.very convincing Ta was a character I liked and yet knew something had to be going on with her The many different characters you meet and get to know are interesting and varied Lots of death and goodbyes that made me sad at times, but a good ending.At 90% I wondered how the book was going to come together and end Well it did and the author wrapped it all up really tight I love the idea that we all have the ability inside us to become anything we wish, and yet we usually end of aiming so much lower than we should What do you want to be, do, write, achieve Well than put the work in and do it I loved the end of the book and really think that we all have the gift to become what we want but we have to work at it Nothing comes for free, everything has a cost One quote from the book that I ve heard before was, It s not that we don t like what we have it is just that we want what we don t have How true is that Look at your neighbors do they have things you wished you had and yet I m sure you have things they wished they had When you stop looking to get , is when I believe, you find what you have been looking for all the time A simple happy life with family and friends is all I really need and yet all the images around me say I should want and so I do Read this book if you love Sci fi and read this book if you like a good story with interesting characters and ideas I think you will be surprised by the depth of this authors vision.

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    This is a story where the reader never knows what will happen next The main character, Linus, sees all levels of a magnificent empire and meets many interesting people along the way The story is character driven what citizens of the empire think is just as important as what Linus sees The book not only presents a series of events, some of them quite fantastic it also discusses why these things have happened The central issue is power as in the power to make some people do what others want them to do Where does this power come from How do seemingly weak individuals get so much power Some sources of power are obvious, but the real source of political power in this empire is not so obvious The reader will, no doubt, not agree with everything any of the characters say or do Life is like that, too Reflections of our everyday life are everywhere in the story, taken to extreme in some cases The reader may find their own life unfolding in these pages.For information, see

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    An absolutely great book As a previous reviewer said, this book is wonderful for a first time author One can tell that a great deal of passion went into crafting this story, you truly can tell Stag appreciates good sci fi and wanted to make his mark on the genre.Upon first reading about the book I was hoping to be in for something along the lines of Heinlein, Asimov, Clarke, Peter F Hamilton something good that I could really get into and find myself falling for the characters Well, this book did just that Linus is a character that almost anyone could relate to, he s a scared young man in an overwhelming situation.I don t particularly want to go into any details as I m not a fan of spoilers, be they unintentional or not so just take my word for it and read this if you like any of the authors I previously mentioned I truly hope this author continues to write as I want to see far from his mind.

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    I really enjoyed this book This book is is clearly in the top 10% of the scifi books I read in the last few years They could make a decent movie out of this novel It is quite a ride and it never gets boring I found the ending satisfying.It is not hard scifi There is little science, and no deep philosophy But I stayed with the story because the writing is engaging It is good fun.There are some minor issues with this book Firstly, there are a few typos Nothing that prevented me from continuing to read, but enough that it would mildly annoy me from time to time Presumably, the author could fix this with a minor revision Also, some minor part of the story felt a bit contrived Hint I expect life on different planets to vary quite a bit Anyhow, overall, for 1, you cannot go wrong with this book It is great value.Disclaimer I got this book free from the author a gift worth 1 In exchange, I committed to writing a review.

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    Empire of the Gods is a thoroughly enjoyable book David Stag crafts a gripping tale that keeps you guessing It begins with teenage Linus being kidnapped along with most of his hometown by alien pirates to be sold into intergalactic slavery In a story reminiscent of Joseph and his coat of many colors from the Bible, Linus doesn t let his circumstances define him Instead he rises above his problems and establishes himself in distant worlds.Empire of the Gods breaks out from the usual formulas in forming a plausible and enjoyable book You ll find yourself never quite figuring out where Stag is going with his story Nonetheless you will not want to put it down until you see what happens next This book sweeps you about the Galaxy taking you to an ending sure to leave you satisfied.J Keith JonesreviewerAuthor of In Due Time The Boys of Diamond Hill

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    Started out with an interesting premise, but that premise strangled itself with depression Some may like this plot story line, it s just not for me Dialogue is flat, difficult to stay interested Laying aside, moving on to next book.

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    Extremely dark in the beginning, but gets better over time It has some cool concepts.