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An Absolutely Brilliant Analysis Of The Ways In Which Individuals And Organizations Of The Media Are Influenced To Shape The Social Agendas Of Knowledge And, Therefore, Belief Contrary To The Popular Conception Of Members Of The Press As Hard Bitten Realists Doggedly Pursuing Unpopular Truths, Herman And Chomsky Prove Conclusively That The Free Market Economics Model Of Media Leads Inevitably To Normative And Narrow Reporting Whether Or Not You Ve Seen The Eye Opening Movie, Buy This Book, And You Will Be A Far Knowledgeable Person And Much Less Prone To Having Your Beliefs Manipulated As Easily As The Press

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    I passed up a chance to buy this book some twenty years ago, and have not been able to locate a copy since It s a shame, because Chomsky talks about how the so called free press is anything but free they are bent on fabricating news to manufacture consent among the populace to further their corporate agenda Chomsky describes how this has been done from the Vietnam war to the Israeli Palestinian conflict.This is all the relevant, as I am physically now witnessing such an exercise A corporate bookselling entity has taken over an independent website for book reviews In no time, they are converting it from a meeting point of book lovers to criticise and discuss books independently, to a marketing portal hosting fawning reviews of any rag they care to publish.The corporate behemoths, for whom everything is either raw material to be exploited or a product to be consumed, is bent on polluting everything including the field of the intellect We need people like Chomsky to point out the dangers, lest we become a generation of zombies.

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    Forceful and harrowing, Manufacturing Consent lucidly breaks down how the U.S mass media dutifully serves elite interests Authors Noam Chomsky and Edward Herman demonstrate through a series of incisive case studies that, often than not, America s massive media conglomerates parrot the agenda of the government and major multinational corporations to the extent that dissent is featured, the pair of writers illustrate, it is limited to disagreement among elites Hopping from Eastern Europe to Central America to South Asia, Chomsky and Herman alternate between sketching a comprehensive history of postwar U.S imperialism and detailing the media s distorted and dishonest coverage of America s international meddling The book s only flaw is that the writers don t extensively consider how effective the media s propaganda is in swaying public opinion, but it s still well worth checking out.

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    I ve been a journalist for 15 years now, and I ve often wondered how it is that the mass media in the United States manage to project the image of being defenders of democracy while actually deterring it.Having just read Manufacturing Consent The Political Economy of the Mass Media, by Noam Chomsky and Edward Herman, I finally understand as thoroughly as I ve always wanted to.Where to begin for starters, have you ever heard of worthy and unworthy victims Did you know that the press was far less the watchdog it was praised for being in covering the Watergate scandal Remember that Vietnam War documentary filmed by an entity called Freedom House that essentially argued the media were responsible for losing the war in Vietnam because they were too negative and anti government and biased and anti war In some circles, that argument still holds weight, having taken root in the American Mind as an almost obvious given It s total and complete bullshit, as Chomsky and Herman show.To say the authors are scrupulous in taking on the above issues and much is an understatement This book is a true work of scholarship, extremely well researched, heavily foot noted and filled with ample evidence to back up its central argument that the mass media in the U.S operate on a foundation of systematic propaganda.Chomsky and Herman write The mass media serve as a system for communicating messages and symbols to the general populace It is their function to amuse, entertain, and inform, and to inculcate individuals with the values, beliefs, and codes of behavior that will integrate them into the institutional structures of the larger society In a world of concentrated wealth and major conflicts of class interest, to fulfill this role requires systematic propaganda The maddening thing about this system is that, unlike a totalitarian state or one in which power is largely concentrated in some monopolistic, bureaucratic form, it is much difficult to see a propaganda system hard at work where there is no formal censorship and media are largely privately held.This explains why media compete and sometimes expose corporate or government corruption, and portray themselves, via their own channels of advertising, as looking out for the little guy But, as Chomsky and Herman write, What is not evident and remains undiscussed in the media is the limited nature of such critiques, as well as the huge inequality in command of resources, and its effect both on access to a private media system and on its behavior and performance A propaganda model, the authors argue, focuses on the inequality of wealth and power and its multilevel effects on mass media interests and choices It traces the routes by which money and power are able to filter out the news fit to print, marginalize dissent, and allow the government and dominant private interests to get their messages across to the public The essential ingredients of the U.S propaganda model are as follows 1 the size, concentrated ownership, owner wealth and profit orientation of the dominant mass media firms 2 advertising as a primary income source of the mass media 3 the reliance of the media on information provided by government, business, and experts funded and approved by these primary sources and agents of power 4 flak as a means of disciplining the media and 5 anticommunism as a national religion and control mechanism In example after example, Chomsky and Herman show how these ingredients interact and reinforce each other Take the issue of worthy and unworthy victims The mainstream press New York Times, Time Magazine, etc , spoon fed by government officials, finds the stories of victims of Soviet oppression to be worth heavy and sustained coverage But when a U.S client state Guatemala, El Salvador , friendly to American business, brutalizes and terrorizes and murders its civilian population, the mainstream media look the other way or, when they do pay attention, they water down their coverage, banish it to a brief on the back page or simply report verifiably false information Not exactly the work of a free and independent press.The Vietnam War is another case example Contrary to the popularly held notion that the mass media turned the public against the war, the media actually favored the war from its inception, failing to raise even the most fundamental questions of morality in the beginning and then, as the war escalated, publishing the outright lies of the Nixon Administration If you read the media then and perhaps even today you d think America was righteously defending South Vietnam from the communists in North Vietnam Utterly false, and the authors meticulously lay out the facts to prove it.Even the most exhaustive of retrospective media documentaries about the Vietnam War stay true to the propaganda model, calling the war a tragic error despite all of the evidence of criminal aggression by the U.S The authors write Our point is not that the retrospectives fail to draw what seem to us, as to much of the population, the obvious conclusions the significant and instructive point is that principled objection to the war as fundamentally wrong and immoral, or as outright criminal aggression a war crime is inexpressible It is not part of the spectrum of discussion The background for such a principled critique cannot be developed in the media, and the conclusions cannot be drawn It is not present even to be refuted Rather, the idea is unthinkable Manufacturing Consent was published in 1988, and the copy I read was a reprint from 1994 I believe there is an updated, expanded version, and I kind of wish I had purchased that one instead of looking for the cheapest buy That s because I imagine the latest version delves into the right wing hysteria propagated by the likes of Fox News, and because I imagine it also takes on the role of the Internet in fragmenting media and, arguably, democratizing it by allowing essentially anyone to become a publisher.At least, I imagine the latest version does these things Maybe it doesn t So I urge anyone interested in reading this most important work perhaps the best and most incisive dissection of media I have ever read to buy the most current edition And then tell me about it.In any case, prepare to have the fog of our propaganda model and its central message that America is just great and, with the exception of a few minor tactical errors, is always on the side of freedom and democracy lifted from your brain While Chomsky and Herman offer hope in the form of nonprofit and public TV and radio programs, and the dissident press, they are under no illusions about the political economy of the mass media In sum, they write, the mass media of the United States are effective and powerful ideological institutions that carry out a system supportive propaganda function by reliance on market forces, internalized assumptions, and self censorship, and without significant overt coercion This propaganda system has become even efficient in recent decades with the rise of the national television networks, greater mass media concentration, right wing pressures on public radio and television, and the growth in scope and sophistication of public relations and news management.

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    On the even intellectual edge of the left, Noam Chomsky has relentlessly fought against the blindness of American foreign policy and how the press manipulates public opinion to endorse and encourage catastrophes such as the Vietnam War and recently, the disaster of the two Iraq Wars, the War in Afghanistan, etc This book explains how the press even when it takes a slightly critical view of events , is still at heart manipulating the truth in service of power The most recent example was Drumpf s use of misinformation, false news, lies and the press blind belief in a solid Clinton victory which allowed him to sweep states that Obama had won in 2008 and 2012 and win the electoral college which naturally he had criticized as useless in 2012 The erudite vision of Chomsky is perhaps hard to stomach for those who wish to guard their blinders but nonetheless, he has been right time after time.On a side note, last year s Independant film Captain Fantastic does a beautiful and moving to me anyway homage to Noam Happy reading

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    The illusion of a mature awareness is a propaganda model.Please note that I put the original German text at the end of this review Just if you might be interested.In modern media, it is important never to let the uncomfortable and in depth facts crawl too far out of their sockets For this it is best to mention them in the shortest newsflashes for lousy airtime and in subsidiary columns with ten words It is a difficult but essential game If a media company forgets such a report, one sees itself otherwise, the criticism exposed, not objectively to report Therefore, the message about the controversial reform of the health system in the lower right in poorly legible font size is slapped somewhere Praise the independence of the media.These techniques of concealing and hushing critical voices are revealed and explained by Chomsky The essential thing is to or less subtly shape the mind of the people on a consensus Over many years and decades, the message is repeated in various forms through always similar reporting Until it has flowed into the faith and the attitude of people As an encore, it is common practice to scatter confusing, inconsistent and scary messages This makes people even accessible to the suggested solutions and options for action The stoked fear can be used too The blind faith in authorities helps tremendously.Chomsky has defined the new kind of influence and media control as a propaganda model The owners and shareholders of the media dictatorially determine the type of coverage and content To mask this one sidedness, supposedly objective reporting is simulated Unworthy killed terrorists in rogue states against heroic fighters in submissive vassal states Cheapest simplification, drawer thinking, and black and white painting Worthy and unworthy Friend and foe Good and evil Adult children s books confused with education Also, the witch was sizzling in the oven.Interesting is the age of the book of 30 years Due to this, 70 years have passed since the start of Operation Mockingbird The question is where we stand now What was possible at that time without technical aids would soon have been expanded in unimaginable dimensions.A revision of the situation would be urgently needed.Chomsky should sit down with some of the leading activists and journalists and make a prognosis of future development That would be a book.In the past, blanket control and censorship without Internet were easy Now this facilitated communication came to be a blessing or a curse An awakened civil society can solidarise and force positive changes with its sheer mass An apathetic, oppressed and indoctrinated society may misuse the tools and turn their utility into the opposite With a hammer, you can build a house or break a skull.Integrating this crucial new factor and thinking ahead with the concepts is a functional logic puzzle.The media are still just as controlled as at any time However, a significant amount of power has been put into the hands of users to get their data and earn money This could be the overlooked factor, undermining the influence of the controlling bodies and bringing them down They have given the masses an opportunity to unite and solidarize in exchange for unprecedented surveillance in a way never seen before.Also, the new industries are not interested in concealing the lies of the past Since they have no contaminated sites, it is in their interest to make the old dinosaurs appear in the worst possible light.In this way, they can still bind people to them because they associate them with something positive At the same time, they can weaken their competitors by explicitly promoting and fueling the debates Surely they are also opportunists, followers, and profiteers of the situation But not so directly to blame as the old industries that have blood on them How far the technology for control and manipulation has progressed now, can not be estimated Facebook alone employs thousands of people who are only concerned with the addictive flow production and the formation of perfect, cuddly filter bubbles Google can influence a person s opinion across all platforms and age groups The new giants are increasingly replacing the big media companies It is so much entertaining and the people united than with the passive, earlier methods But the goal has remained the same.Die Illusion einer m ndigen Bewusstseinsbildung ist ein Propagandamodell In den modernen Medien ist es wichtig, die unbequemen und tief gehenden Fakten nie zu weit aus ihren H hlen kriechen zu lassen Daf r eignet es sich am besten, sie in die k rzesten Newsflashs zu schlechter Sendezeit und in Nebenspalten mit 10 W rtern zu erw hnen Es ist ein diffiziles, aber wichtiges Spiel Vergisst ein Medienkonzern so eine Berichterstattung, sieht man sich sonst der Kritik ausgesetzt, nicht objektiv zu berichten Deswegen wird die Meldung ber die strittige Reform des Gesundheitssystems unten rechts in schlecht lesbarer Schriftgr e irgendwohin geklatscht Gelobt sei die Unabh ngigkeit der Medien Diese Techniken des Verh llens und Vertuschens kritischer Stimmen enth llt und erkl rt Chomsky Essentiell dabei ist, den Geist der Menschen subtil auf einen Konsens hin zu formen ber Jahre und Jahrzehnte wird durch immer hnliche Berichterstattung die Botschaft in verschiedenen Formen wiederholt Bis sie fix in den Glauben und die Lebenseinstellung der Menschen eingeflossen ist Als Zugabe ist es blich, h ufig verwirrende, inkonsistente und Angst machende Botschaften unter zu streuen Dadurch werden die Menschen f r die suggerierten L sungsans tze und Handlungsoptionen noch zug nglicher Die gesch rte Angst l sst sich so nutzbar machen Die blinde Gl ubigkeit an Autorit ten hilft dem ungemein Die neue Art von Beeinflussung und Medienkontrolle hat Chomsky als Propagandamodell definiert Die Besitzer und Anteilseigner der Medien bestimmen diktatorisch ber die Art der Berichterstattung und Inhalte Um diese Einseitigkeit zu kaschieren, wird vermeintlich objektive Berichterstattung simuliert Unw rdige tote Terroristen in Schurkenstaaten gegen heroische K mpfer in devoten Vasallenstaaten Billigste Simplifizierung, Schubladendenken und Schwarz und Wei malen W rdig und Unw rdig Freund und Feind Gut und B se Kinderb cher f r Erwachsene, die diese mit Bildung verwechseln Und die Hexe brutzelte im Ofen Interessant ist das Alter des Buches von 30 Jahren Dazu passend sind seit Anlaufen der Operation Mockingbird bald 70 Jahre vergangen Die Frage ist, wo wir jetzt stehen Was damals ohne technische Hilfsmittel m glich war, d rfte jetzt in unvorstellbaren Dimensionen erweitert worden sein Eine Revision der Sachlage w re dringend von N ten Chomsky m sste sich mit ein paar der f hrenden Aktivisten und Journalisten zusammen setzen und eine Prognose der zuk nftigen Entwicklung stellen Das w re ein Buch.Fr her war eine fl chendeckende Kontrolle und Zensur ohne Internet leicht Diese erleichterte Kommunikation kam zum Segen oder Fluch werden Eine erwachte Zivilgesellschaft kann sich solidarisieren und mit ihrer schieren Masse positive Ver nderungen erzwingen Eine apathische, unterdr ckte und indoktrinierte Gesellschaft kann die Werkzeuge zweckentfremden und ihren Nutzen ins Gegenteil verkehren Mit einem Hammer kann man ein Haus bauen oder einen Sch del einschlagen Diesen neuen Schl sselfaktor zu integrieren und die Konzepte damit weiter zu denken, stellt ein gutes Logikr tsel dar Die Medien werden noch genau so kontrolliert wie zu jeder Zeit Nur wurde ein betr chtlicher Teil der Macht in die H nde der Nutzer gegeben, um an ihre Daten heran zu kommen und damit Geld zu verdienen Das k nnte der bersehene Faktor sein, den Einfluss der Kontrollinstanzen unterminiert und sie zu Fall bringt Sie haben den Massen eine M glichkeit gegeben, sich im Austausch f r eine nie dagewesene berwachung in nie gewesener Weise miteinander zu verbinden und zu solidarisieren Und die neuen Industrien haben kein Interesse daran, die L gen der Vergangenheit zu kaschieren Da sie selbst keine Altlasten haben, ist es in ihrem Interesse, die alten Dinosaurier in m glichst schlechtem Licht dastehen zu lassen Auf diese Weise k nnen sie die Menschen noch zus tzlich an sie binden, weil diese sie mit etwas positiven assoziieren Gleichzeitig k nnen sie ihre Konkurrenten schw chen, indem sie die Debatten gezielt f rdern und anheizen Sicher sind sie auch Opportunisten, Mitl ufer und Profiteure der Situation Aber eben nicht so unmittelbar mit Schuld behaftet wie die alten Industrien, an denen buchst blich Blut klebt Wie weit die Technik zur Kontrolle und Manipulation mittlerweile voran geschritten sein mag, l sst sich nicht absch tzen Allein Facebook besch ftigt Tausende Mitarbeiter, die sich nur mit der s chtig machenden Flowerzeugung und der Formung perfekter, kuscheliger Filterblasen besch ftigen Google kann die Meinungsbildung eines Menschen quer ber alle Plattformen und Altersklassen hin beeinflussen Die gro en Medienkonzerne werden immer mehr durch die neuen Giganten ersetzt.Es ist so viel unterhaltsamer und die Menschen vereinigender als die fr heren Methoden Das Ziel ist aber das gleiche geblieben.

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    Politicians are like hookers You can t be one unless you can pretend to like people while you re fucking them In summary the propaganda model works like this Bullshit politician with biased information is seen as an expert Expert gives bullshit to news organization to inform the public News organization repeats bullshit with cute voices and opinions We all become stupid, except Chomsky He writes this book You read it Become depressed and kill yourself I don t think I can do a serious review on this book.

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    This was one of the books that had a great impact on my life It s an amazing and comprehensive exploration of the origin, development and operation of the modern media The authors come at this material from the standpoint that the media functions primarily as a powerful tool for social control The world view presented in the media is essentially that of the ruling classes and the rest of us plebes are locked out of it all We are passive consumers of the bullshit being fed to us by large corporations and other powerful interests They do a good job supporting their claim solid scholarship I recallthough my standards have gotten a bit higher since them that almost all television and most magazine content is shameless propaganda for the dominant classes Read this book and then see if you can watch TV or read a paper in the same way againI doubt it.

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    If you can slog through it not that it s written poorly, it s just that the subjects that are covered have, to most people, the intrinsic appeal of lint analysis you will be rewarded with a new way to look at the mass media and a new framework with which you can apply your own critical analysis.Congratulations.

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    Smart people wrote this book I don t say that because it was hard to understand at times and it was , because that stemmed just from being verbose I say it took smart people because the amount of data gathered and the analysis to tie to together was quite astounding.The summary of the book is as follows The US media is a controlled information relay system propaganda The authors set forth a propaganda model that they see being employed in our media for decades It isn t done in a secret room with a man smoking a cigarette in a dark corner It is done through a series of very public filters each filter is named and described They make sense to me I agree with the authors.Most of the filters come from the fact that each media organization is a business and has to be profitable For instance, FOX, CBS, NBC, etc all have advertisers Which of those organizations do you think will run a documentary slamming the business practices of GE None, of course GE is a HUGE company that would immediately withdraw their commercial support Another example is the fact that news gathering is expensive Most news outlets rely on the government and military as news sources This is often very often a conflict of interest Nevertheless, for the sake of cost, news organizations read those sources as authoritative simple for cost Moreover, negative reporting on the US government s activities abroad will cause their access to sources to dry up There are a few , but you ll have the pull the book to get them.It was a so so book.

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    I first added this to my books to read list after watching the movie, Good Will Hunting I was not disappointed This book is one of the best, if not the the most well written book I ve read I don t mean to say that the information was so life altering that I will never be the same But first and simply, that their sentence structure and flow of thought is clear, engaging and pieced together masterfully They sift through a lot of information, wading through fact and fabrication that they seem to slip into place without effort Not only does this represent their bank of information on the three case studies among others , it shows that they can place that information relevantly and do so in a way that is atmospherically readable highly readable, sorry about that I enjoy a lot of books I enjoy them for a lot of reasons With Manufacturing Consent, I enjoyed reading this book for the joy of how it was written The content was challenging too.What they share does bring alterations to the table You will not be able to sit back and watch the 6 O Clock news the same way again But, due to this book and others like it, you probably already don t I suspect, from my own upbringing and experience, that many do not trust the media The media see book for who this is, mass has sold their soul to two face, the devil and love, of money It is sickening to know now of the truth to the three case studies shared And to suspect that this is happening even today Really, as I write my stomach weakens We need these stories told We need to tell them.