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He is the biggest and mightiest of the gods If he tightens his belt he doubles his strength If he swings his hammer lightning flashes When he races his billy goats across the sky their hooves kick up huge thunderclouds And when the folks below in Middle Earth hear a boom of thunder they always smile for they know their loyal Thor protector and defender of civilization has once again brought order to the universe Told and retold often and with great affection the Thor stories have been around since the days of the Vikings Here illustrated with high drama and written with humor and skill are ancient stories made accessible and fun

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    Storyteller and children's author Lise Lunge Larsen who was born and raised in Norway and grew up listening to her father's tales of the great thunder god Thor here sets out some of the most popular stories concerning the mighty protector of Asgard and his adventures amongst humans and giants After a brief introduction in which she explains who Thor was and how he fit into the wider world of Norse mythology she relates the tale of Loki's bet with Brokk the dwarf which produced such treasures as Mjolnir the Thunderbolt; explains how Thor came to have a human servant in the form of the fleet footed Tjalvi; sets out the stories of Thor's duel with Ragnir the giant and his thwarted effort to defeat Outgardloki; and concludes with the humorous episode in which Thor and Loki must masuerade as women in order to retrieve Mjolnir from the giant who stole itI enjoyed The Adventures of Thor the Thunder God which presented these well known stories in an entertaining fashion thanks Kathryn for bringing it to my attention and which would make for an excellent introduction to an important figure from the Norse pantheon The computer generated artwork was engaging enough despite not really being to my personal taste aesthetically speaking and will undoubtedly keep young readers involved All in all a good selection for children with an interest in mythology It's an advanced picture book probably suitable for multiple bedtime readings or for middle grade readers capable of tackling advanced texts all at once and could be paired to great effect with general works such as D'Aulaires' Norse Gods Giants

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    Contains background information about Thor describing his parentage why he is called the Thunder God and why the Vikings loved him best of all the gods Then progresses to several stories about Thor's adventures The illustrations are bold and engaging with an appropriately mythical feel without seeming old fashioned A bit long for younger readers but the older picture book crowd with an interest in mythology or learning about Thor now that Marvel has made him popular again will likely enjoy it

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    First sentence Long long ago when the Vikings ruled the seas people loved to tell stories about gods and giants Renowned as warriors and sailors the Vikings were also great storytellers Their most treasured stories were about a god named ThorPremiseplot This is a story book for elementary readers It contains nine stories all generously illustrated The stories are Why Thor Is Called the Thunder God The Giants Thor's Family Loki's Bet Tialvi and the Billy Goats A Duel Outwitted and Stolen ThunderMy thoughts I liked this one I didn't perhaps love love love it like I did Neil Gaiman's Norse Mythology But this is a children's book And the focus isn't on ALL the gods but specifically on Thor Some stories are in both books I really enjoyed some of these stories My favorites were Outwitted Stolen Thunder and Loki's Bet The stories are action packed and most are packed with humor as well

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    My 8 year old is a huge Marvel fan so I thought I could sneak in some Nordic tales by reading a book about Thor This is not a Marvel book much to the disappointment of my 8 year old son but some of the characters like Thor Odin and Loki have been featured in Marvel comics and movies My son and I both enjoyed reading these tales that had uite a bit of Loki and his mischievous ways in the stories I thought that each story was a great length and kept my 8 year old engaged

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    Beautiful illustrations stories are well told

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    A picture book with mostly beautifully illustrated re tellings of the adventures of Thor and Loki Not so much of an anthropological text It would be a good book to pick up and read without any actual knowledge of Norse mythology just to enjoy the stories

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    This is a fun retelling of some mythology stories about Thor It includes stories about his goats Loki's trickery cross dressing to fool giants and how his hammer came to him I enjoyed the art included The pictures made the story much interesting to read I love it when I find a good long picture book retelling myths

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    It was nice to read some Norse mythology The Thor and Avenger movies have peaked my interest a bit I really didn't know that Loki was Odin's foster brother instead of Thor's and Frigga was a Jotun

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    Wonderful book Such a great find It's far and away the best one I've seen on Norse mythology for kids My son who loves Norse mythology and Thor in particular absolutely loved it Wonderful illustrations engaging stories

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    good story I really liked it It has a collection of a lot of stories all about THor Great book