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The profoundly moving story of Savitri one of the best loved of India appears in the Hindu national epic The Mahabharata Shepherd's dramatic retelling is exuisitely illuminated by Rosenberry's artwork The artist has painstakingly brought back to life a legendary world Full color

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    Born to a king who had long prayed for a child Princess Savitri was both beautiful and wise so much so that no man dared to ask for her hand in marriage At her father's instructions she went out into the world to find a man worthy of her and she settled upon Prince Satyavan refusing to renounce him even after she learned from a seer that he had only a year to live When that year had elapsed and Yama the god of death came to claim Satyavan Savitri followed after winning three wishes from the deity in reward for her devotion Through these wishes and through her cleverness she brought blessings on her father and father in law and she won back her belovedAccording to author Aaron Shepard's brief note the story of Princess Savitri is a popular episode from The Mahabharata one of the great epic poems and story cycles of ancient India and a sacred text in the Hindu religion This retelling of the tale was Shepard's first children's book and it is immensely engaging Savitri is an appealing heroine and her story reminded me of tales from various other traditions in which spouses sought to win their loved one back from death In the west the most famous of these is the Greek myth of Orpheus and Euridyce which ended in a far less happy way than that of Savitri and Satyavan The accompanying artwork here done by Vera Rosenberry was uite lovely Recommended to young folklore and mythology lovers in general and to anyone looking for children's retellings of Hindu myths specifically

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    A well known and loved Indian tale adapted from The Mahabharata which is explained in a historical note from the author as India’s greatest national epic Savitri tells of a princess who selects a worthy and virtuous man to marry despite a prophesy that he will die in a year When that day comes Savitri matches wits with Yama the god of death to restore her father in law’s sight and kingdom ensure children for her father and ultimately return her husband’s life and soul Readers grades 3 6 will admire Savitri for her cleverness and independence while gaining exposure to Indian culture including through ink and watercolor illustrations inspired by traditional Indian painting style

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    Beautiful illustrations The story line is tight Great addition to our study of Ancient India in year 1first grade

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    Epic rule lawyering

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    I learned that Yama is the god of death and Savitri is the goddess of the sun I liked it so much because the princess in the book is actually very witting and it's hard to find a story like this where the princess saves the prince instead of the classic history thing where the prince saved the princess

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    Age 6 10 yearsThe artwork's not the best but the story consists of dedication and perseverance against the odds to save a loved one

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    We checked this out from the library to go along w our study of Medieval India Very well told and beautiful illustrations

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    A wise and devout princess saves her unfortunate husband from death in this tale from the Mahabharata

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    An Indian tale about a woman named Savitri who tries to trick Yama the God of death into giving her husband back his lifeK 5

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    This is a tale found in The Mahabharata which is like the Old Testament for Hindus It is a wonderful enthralling story and my girls asked for it over and over