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Gabriel Is An Observer A Member Of An Ancient Race That Created Earth And Humanity His Task Is Simple He Observes Humans From Afar And Reports Any Sign Of Interference From The Fallen, People Of His Kind Who Have Broken Their Most Important Rule Never Interact With Humans But When Gabriel Becomes Fascinated With A Young, Vibrant Human Named Alyssa, It Isn T Long Before He Justifies Breaking The Rule HimselfHis Forbidden Association With Her Doesn T Go Unnoticed The Fallen Seek To Recruit Him And The Enforcers, A Separate Caste Of His Society Who Ensure Punishment Of Those Who Break The Rules, Force Him To Hide All While Trying To Combat A Centuries Old Plot By The Fallen To Destroy Humanity And Claim Earth For ThemselvesSpending Most Of His Time Now With Alyssa In Her World, Gabriel Realizes He S Acting Like A Human Than An Observer, And He Must Make A Choice Sever All Ties With His People, Or Lose The Woman He Loves

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    This was a truly delightful read From the beginning of the book Gabe intrigues the reader with his sense of keen observation, but as he observes earth and humanity he begins to appreciate the beauty of what he is seeing which leads Gabe to become human like He breaks the first rule be observing Alyssa He continues to break the rules as he seeks to interact with her and eventually fall in love with Alyssa and then must fight his own kind as well as The Fallen, both groups who believe humanity to be beneath them The leaders of Gabe s home view humanity as their children the Fallen their enemy.I loved the character development as Gabe begins to explore his own feelings and question his own loyalties.This book is very well written with an approach often not found in an author s first book The book is has elements of sci fi, as Gabe travels to his home planet, doesn t understand some of the human expressions and is impervious to the cold because of his disguise But it is a book about humanity, love, and accepting responsibility for fellow creatures Gabe is courageous as he willingly goes out of his own comfort zone He calls many of his own kind to task and tries to get them to accept that responsibility even risking tortuous punishment for himself The author not only writes a just plain good story, but also leaves the reader with the anticipation of to come in Gabe s interaction with the Fallen, those of his own planet who resent what he has done and his interaction with Alyssa for a second time What risks will he take in the next book Will he be able to stand against his enemies of his own race, the Fallen, and fight for his right to love a human

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    Wow This book was amazing First, I want to say that usually I m a tough critic when it comes to books so receiving a five out of five from me is pretty darn good Ok Where should I start MINOR SPOILORS Basically this is a story about the human concept of angels that observe and log human behavior There are several rules that need to be followed, such as not interacting with a human However, Gabriel can t resist talking to Alyssa, a normal human girl The Observer has an excellent moral that sends the message that no matter what people or observers say, you have to chose what is truely right Gabriel put his life, mind, and job on hold to fufill what he believed was the right thing to do It didn t matter what his fellow brothers said, he was not going to stop I really admire Hackett s main character in many ways I love his respect, determination, and his courage Don t even get me started on the ending It had to have been one of the best endings to a book I have ever read Also, Hackett has created something totally unique and different from traditional teen fiction now His story was a mix of science fiction, romance, action, and to create a page turning experience This would be something I would recomend to anyone who wants a different taste of fiction and something they have never read before To sum up basically all my rambling on this amazing story, here s the simple English version READ THIS BOOK

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    While the story was certainly original and could have had great potential I didn t find it to be very well written and this prevented me from enjoying it much I found myself rushing to finish it as the other reviews had suggested the ending was great but I can think of another way the story could have finished which I think would have been better.I should add that I have great admiration for anyone who is brave enough to put their work out there and while I think this writer has great potential if he continues to come up with ideas as original as this one, he needs to work a bit on the finishing of the novel and the way in which he writes I m sure a good editor could work wonders.

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    Gabriel, a perfect being, is an Observer He observes humanity, keeps them safe, and reports any signs of The Fallen These Fallen have broken the most important rule, never interact with humans But the he spends time on earth he behaves like a human Gabriel unexpected falls for Alyssa, and fights the temptation to become a Fallen He is forced to hide from The Enforcers who punishes those who break the rules, and become torn between the two worlds This story captivated me It was well written with great action scenes I love the story plot and was happy to see Gabriel act like a human the he stayed on earth I would recommend this book to all readers

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    3.5 starsI loved the premise of this book Intriguing story, a few really neat inclusions that made me think, well, what if that s true As with many kindle books, there were a fair amount of grammatical errors example the phrase intensive purposes repeated several times To be fair, they didn t affect my enjoyment as much as it just annoys me that such poor editing continues I could have done without the juvenile romance, though The constant, I gave her a big kiss and the dropping of the l bomb hours into the relationship made me literally roll my eyes Still, a fun read I would definitely be interested in reading the next in the series.

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    I loved this book Well written, great dialogue, and action combined in a sci fi fantasy setting to hold your interest The story flowed well, and kept me interested I put it down reluctantly at night, and picked it up immediately the next day because I couldn t wait to finish it I recommend it highly pick up your copy and read it today I expect good things from this author, and I m definitely going to be looking for his next book He s just gone on my Read Everything They Write list.

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    I loved the overall idea of the creation of our world and all that, and I liked how insightful Gabriel was But the ending ruined it for me I don t like unhappy endings.