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Ia is a precog tormented by visions of the future where her home galaxy has been devastated To prevent this vision from coming true Ia enlists in the Terran United Planets military with a plan to become a soldier who will inspire generations for the next three hundred years a soldier history will call Bloody Mary

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    Have I told how descriptive this book was? If so let me reiterate it is extremely rich in descriptions of the minute details A future world Space marines huh huh A lot of Time and its rivers And of course our paranormal gal a marine and a priestess who is a self appointed superhero Aaand her 2 mothers This will take than a lifetime to make happen cYou may struggle to turn your Fate into your Destiny but the Future is inescapable; it will drag you forward kicking and screaming” c“Name?”“Ia” Back straight hands clasped in her lap she waited for him to comment She pronounced it EE yah not the EYE ah most people assumed “Just like it says on my ident”“So What is your full legal name meioa?” he asked“My full legal name is Ia Capital I lowercase a Ia” she repeated “Nothing and nothing less”The corner of his mouth uirked up for a moment “With a name that short I don’t see how you could have anything less” c“Sanctuary’s Charter was actually sponsored by IC Eiaven” she clarified “That cuts the paperwork down to almost nothing”“That doesn’t make sense Eiaven is almost the exact opposite direction from here” he pointed out lowering his brows in a doubtful frown “Most sponsoring worlds are next to each other not hundreds of light years apart”Ia didn’t let his skepticism faze her Rather she welcomed it as a positive sign that she was doing the right thing at the right time“That’s true for most worlds but most heavyworlds are sponsored by Eiaven Sanctuary is merely the latest to prove itself viable Article VII Section B Paragraph14 subparagraphs c g h and j of the Sanctuary Charter—duly registered with the Alliance—state that as a Sanctuarian citizen all I have to do to join either the Terran or the V’Dan military is to take the Oath of Service as a recruit and my citizenship will automatically transfer to the appropriate government We’re not so much an independent colonyworld as an interdependent one Life on a heavyworld is tough enough without adding political troubles and both Human governments recognized this long ago Eiaven and its sponsored colonies are legally considered joint neutral territory“If I choose to serve in the Terran military I automatically become a Terran citizen with all the rights responsibilities and privileges thereof and disavowing all rights to V’Dan citizenship should I choose to do so Which I do which is why I am here” she said“And you came all the way to Earth almost seven hundred light years from home just to do so?” he repeated still skeptical “Exactly on your eighteenth birthday?”“Yes meioa” Ia admitted reminding herself to be patient “Provided I am a full legal adult—which I now am—I can join up at any Recruitment Center anywhere across the Terran United Planets I just happened to pick Melbourne Australia Province Earth I’d also like to join the TUPSF Marine Corps in specific which is why I’m sitting here in front of you meioa o instead of one of the other officers at this facility” Ia stated patiently “You are the local recruitment officer for the TUPSF MC” she reminded him pronouncing the acronym tup siff mick “Now may I please do so?”“And your name is just Ia?” the lieutenant major asked dubiously “The military needs than that to be able to identify you meioa e” c“It says here you’re an ordained priestess with some subsect of the Witan Order If you’re ordained why aren’t you aiming at the Special Forces for a chaplaincy?”Ia shook her head There was a reason why she had listed her priestess status on her application form but not for that one “I’m a priestess for personal reasons not professional ones sir I’ll be better used in fighting to save lives not souls” cIf I didn’t have to go to a specific Camp at a specific point in time I would’ve picked a congenial recruiter but this one needs to fill his recruitment uota If I can antagonize him just enough prick his pride push the right buttons he’ll not try to push me into a different path based on my testing The last thing I need is to be thrown into an officers’ academy right now A congenial soul would be eager to help me ruining everything I have plannedI cannot let him get in my way cSinking cross legged onto the cushion she didn’t look up at the rotating stars of the spiral galaxy overhead Instead she propped her elbows on her knees and slouched her chin into her hands Thinking of home I should take a look at how things are going back thereClosing her eyes Ia turned her thoughts inward then out like a gymnast flipping around a bar She had always been able to see glimpses of the future and sometimes even peek into the past but as a young child the ability had been sporadic and rarely under her control But once she had understood that she was seeing the future her younger self had struggled to control her psychic abilities She had even sought instruction what little there was of it on her far flung backwater recently settled homeworld c“Are you falling asleep already? I thought you Marines were tough” c“Missionary trip?” The uestion came from the short balding man on the other side of the aisle He gave the woman Amanda a derogatory look snorting “Great Another godless heathen” before returning his attention to the book pad in his hands“Excuse me?” Amanda asked her tone and her expression both taken aback “I am not a godless heathen I am a Christian”The man gave her a look somewhere between disdain and pity “Even worse then A deluded polytheist”The woman started to protest Ia uickly reached over and touched her sleeve “Don’t”“But he—”“Just don’t” Ia murmured again cutting her off “See the corona pin on his jacket lapel? He’s a member of the Church of the One True God”“I don’t understand” Amanda muttered She glanced back and forth between Ia and the man finally settling on Ia “Aren’t they Christians too? I thought their worship was based on the same general beliefs One loving God Abrahamic teachings ”“So are Muslims and Jews if you measure it by that method but no they are not Christians they are not Muslims they are not Jews” Ia told her flicking up one finger per listing “In fact if you must get technical their dogma actually began as an offshoot of The Witan The Book of the Wise”“We are not an ‘offshoot’ of anything We are on the true path” the man across the aisle corrected tartly His eyes were on the text of his book pad but his ears were clearly listening to his neighbors “Not my fault if the rest of you have been misled by the sweet sounding poison of the Devil’s books The Bible the Koran the Torah ” “Well I never” Amanda gasped visibly upset“Meioas”“I am on Leave from two years’ worth of fighting on the far side of the known galaxy” That was a slight exaggeration but she wasn’t going to bother with the full truth “It has taken me three weeks of travel to get this far I have exactly three weeks one day and four hours from the moment we land precious precious days and hours to spend with my family before I have to go back I would therefore like to finish this last tedious leg of my journey in peace and uiet”“You’d be better off spending those three weeks on your knees in Our Blessed Cathedral confessing the sins of spilling blood on some godless heathen’s orders” the balding believer retortedIa gave him a not smile “And I say unto you in reply from Book Nine The Righteous War Chapter Three verses four and five ‘Succor the weary and wounded soldiers who claim Sanctuary and take shelter among you Give them rest and peace and honor them for the sacrifices they make for the betterment of all’ ”He reddened a bit having his own holy words flung in his face“I am a weary soldier of Sanctuary” Ia reminded him speaking softly but with enough point to cut to the bone “and I am here to take shelter among my people Give me my rest and peace and honor me for the sacrifices I make or spend your weeks on your knees for failing to follow through on God’s Own True Words” c I'm wondering was this inspired a bit by Voltaire's well known scene in Zadig?“Will She spare your soul another year?” cTense they waited for the future to once again drag them under c

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    “No I am not Death I am merely Her herald”After a prophetic vision of the destruction of our galaxy a young girl decides to set events into motion that will have far reaching effects with the hope of averting the future disaster This is book 1 in a series All I have left are the nightmares and the slim chance I can help save the universeAs derivative as this premise sounds don’t shoot it down just yet For one thing despite the rather suspicious cover art this is an actual bona fide Military Science Fiction story and not something else posing as such For another even though the opening paragraph of this review clearly invokes echoes of Hari Seldon Foundation this isn’t uite the same thing at all Dead bodies Seared bodies Scorched frozen bloated stripped mutilated bodies Eyes wide she saw nothing but bodies and barren lifeless dirtAs the story progresses several layers are peeled away revealing all kinds of fascinating tidbits such as how Ia came by her precog abilities It is not the best paced story I have read considering that it is a Mil SF novel but stick with it it is rather rewardingA curious amount of detail is at times expended on mundane events such as for example getting dressed or going to the bathroom This is not a criticism as much as an observation; I seem to recall LE Modesitt Jr doing the same thing “Space is not the place for ammunition mistakes”I appreciated the level of detail as soon as the depictions of the firearms started There is a great amount of interchangeability and flexibility introduced in both energy and projectile weapons and it’s somewhat important to understand just how these things work Remember this is Military Sci Fi so things will get blown to smithereens at some point Caught off guard Ia and her fellow recruits scrambled to get into positionOne of the interesting aspects of the novel for me was how unfolding events sometimes differed from Ia’s foreseen future This makes for a fascinating dilemma if you read between the lines Is Ia for real or just a delusional girl with a gift suffering from a messiah complex? “Where are all the crewmembers?” He asked uietly after a few minutes of searchingA Soldier’s Duty boasts an interesting array of extra terrestrial critters but this is one area where details are sparse I’m guessing some exposition can be expected going forward since some of these will no doubt feature in future instalments – notably the energy based Feyori who seem to take their kicks from meddling in the affairs of other species and the sinister Salik And you can bet as sure as hellfire and damnation that they wouldn’t be nice to us while they’re interrogating us one tasty slice at a timeSometimes Ia’s precognitive omnipotence and psionic skills can be a bit annoying but it is also the very thing that distinguishes A Soldier’s Duty from the crowd unless you’ve been mistaking her for a Jedi The novel goes to great lengths to foreshadow future series events so it’s clear that this story could turn into a longish one I’m hoping I will be able to remember everything when I get to the end Ia nodded She knew what was coming An easy 35 Read as part of the annual must read agreement with my wife

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    First in the Theirs Not to Reason Why series This is high end far future space opera featuring a main character whot is a psi future seer heavy worlder best at everything physical and mental Ia is a pompous Cassandra prophetess figure orchestrating the future of the galaxy Despite Mary Sue components repetitive language info dumping and various other concerns and issues I found this whole series utterly addicting and hypnotic Insert ARGH of frustration here I could not put them down and I can't wait until the next book which I hope will be the last

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    I was all jacked up a female science fiction soldier hero but found this book flawed One of my greatest complaints about men's science fiction is the plague of info dumps great chunks of scienceengineeringmilitary techspace techtime explanation dumped into and getting in the way of the story Even Robert Heinlein's juveniles have their share of info dumps I expect women writers to be sensible and generally they are but this book makes Tom Clancy's use of info dumps seem sparing I ended up skimming it in search of the actual story It's also too easy that Ia's ability to slip into and out of time always produces just the right piece of knowledge or the right relationship at the right moment to make things easier for her She's just too good at everything so that rarely she fakes being bad The basic story Ia is a pre and post cognitive as well as telekinetic who sees the destruction of her part of the universe unless she dedicates her entire life to becoming a soldier rising in the ranks and becoming a great hero who in a couple of centuries can guide the course of her multi world society At a very young age she begins to study so that when she reports to Marine boot camp in Australia she uickly shows a mastery of what she needs to know to be a marine The first book covers her rise through the early ranks in an episodic style Each section is prefaced by her writings about how she did what she did or rather her motives for doing so Driving her always are her visions of billions dying in the rubbleIf the flaws I mention were not there I'd happily get the next book because this is the kind of story I like but not as it stands I don't understand how the writer's editor didn't help her

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    I so wanted to love this It was nominated for a Philip K Dick Award and I like the writer and her style a lot but there were three flaws that kept me from enjoying it One pacing The first half of the book is boot camp and it's pretty cliche and dragged out It's nothing we haven't seen in Full Metal Jacket etc It even includes Clancy esue expositional seuences like six pages describing 13 different kinds of bullets in detail Yes the author is clever to have thought of it in detail and researched ammo enough to make it convincing but we only need to know it when the ammo is used Many of the kinds never come into the story plus by the time the ones that are do show up it's far enough past we won't remember most of these descriptions This is one example of a few such expositional drains that just slow down the pace make you want to skip pages and delay the story But these two are minor compared to the bigger issue the protagonist is incapable of failure She is never in jeapordy because Johnson gifts her with the gifts she needs to conuer any obstacle Whenever a problem arises Johnson just gifts Ia with a psi ability or precog revelation that gives her a solution So there's never really any doubt about the outcome She can read the future and thus predict it and be prepared for anything It makes is hard to maintain suspense when you know she won't die and that she'll win For me that just ruined the story And she's basically invulnerable so she never meets her matchIt's unfortunate because Johnson's writing is strong and her character building is not just well done but her characters are interesting So is the delimmapremise and the world It's future Earth basically with marines out amongst the stars And while the action packed second have is much better paced and keeps you turning pages the character flaw issue becomes bothersome here and really gets in the way At least it did for me There are good supporting characters Ia herself is interesting but her lack of vulnerability derailed it for me Good for military scifi fans and part of an expected 4 book series with duology follow up

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    Well crapWill I follow this book up? ProbablyBUT early on through about the first 23 of the book I'd have said definitely So let's discuss the up and down good and badplus and minus of the novelFirst the book opens well The writer reports she hasn't been in the military but on the whole the military feel of the book is okay There are some things that don't ring true and people who've been in the military will note a few problems They aren't bad however and my thought was that it could have been accounted for simply in science fiction license okaymany Marines hate to be called soldiers butthere you areWe follow our protagonist through her planned getting into the right service her training and then into service The book doesn't flag much The time we spend on leave or whatever doesn't really bog down the book The story holds up sort of and the author knows where she wants to go All in all plot is okay and characters aren't badOkay that was the molassesnow for the sulfurFirstthe plot of this book is sort of a story within a story Our hero and this isn't a spoiler as you find it out in the synopsis and going into the novel is a psychic The worlduniverse the story takes place in knows of psychics Psychics end up in Special Forces Ia our hero's nameby the way it's pronounced I E rather than I AIa must not end up in Special Forces If she is to save our galaxy and the human species and other species then she must work out her life in a specific way to set up even a narrow chanceThe problem here is that occasionally that part of the story and the currently happening part of the story trip over each other This is a minor problem and only shows up when we have to put up with Ia having a vision at strange times or doing things that would seem so badly off But then as the story goes on and Ia begins to overtly work toward her goal she also begins to exhibit new powersI mean lots of new powers She could probably take on the Avengers and the JLA single handed by the time we tie things in this novel view spoiler at one point she snatches tranuilizer darts shot at her from air guns out of the air and then flings them back into the necks of the assailants who shot at hersigh hide spoiler

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    I loved A Soldier's Duty the fist of Jean Johnson’s future military series Why? Although not a romance novel but pure sci fi the plot creative and I could fully understand and grasp with ease Ia and her choices I found it fascinating from the first pages Ia herself and her family Earth and the other worlds that are immersed in a galactic war and how the existence of precognition in itself can change events Even the perplexity of the military of how it operates in the future can be crucial as a framework to the story It is about a precog who can see all probable scenarios way into the far future specifically a culmination of destruction for the galaxy unless Ia herself can manage to maneuver her course and of others down a definite path so as to prevent the foreseen annihilationI may not be able to convey how good this book is if you are a little bit like me you will find you can't put it down so as to discover what happens next and how Ia achieves to alter the possible futures the surprises that catch her off guard and makes her re evaluate and struggle to correct its course towards that one last hope for the universe

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    I have read some fantastic sci fi romance is lately and I am always on the hunt for another one This book was one recommended to me by Goodreads because of the Linnea Sinclair books I’ve read With its four star average and library availability I did not hesitate to snatch it up But while it is futuristic and science fiction y be warned there is no romance here Not even a little NoneThis is military science fiction The heroine is precognitive and knows the world is on a devastating trajectory The only way she can save it is to become a marine and affect the course of eventsThe first half of the book follows her training It is pretty much like the basic training you would find in any modern day movie Her body is pushed to its physical limits There is the whole thing about breaking her down and building her back up again There’s even a hell week The second half of the book follows her through two years of service on a ship and the missions she undertakesIt wasn’t a bad book If you dig marine stuff or you’re really into sci fi action seuences this book will be golden for you For me I’m not sure if I will continue with the series Yes I would have loved a romantic interest but it’s than that Ia the heroine essentially can’t fail With her ability to see the future she knows almost every outcome to every decision As a result almost the entire book reads like a grocery list Ia recognizes she has to do something fight someone or be in a particular place at a particular time in order to create the future she wants We see it play out Nothing ever really goes awry and I get the impression that it can’t Because she's psychic Sure she might get a little beat up from time to time but think about the implications in the heroine knowing everything that is going to happen and just executing her plan to perfection over and over and over again It’s hard to drum up any fear or concern or really any feeling for her at allAnother problem I had was the fact there was way too much detail I remember at one point the author spent several pages detailing different types of ammunition and their abilities I don’t really care that much about that I don’t care what 1000 different metals are for And sadly I didn’t care about the dozens of characters that came in and out of Ia's life with no emotional connections I’m not just talking about romance I’m talking about interpersonal stuff even among friends Ia has to view everyone as a chess piece And they come and go from her life with very little fanfareAnd finally there wasn’t really a clear story arc This was essentially a linear progression of her journey to get to become a lieutenant No big foe was conuered No master plan revealed Just Ia doing one thing on her list then the next thing then the next thing And then it was overI don’t know if this book did enough for me to make me care what happens next I have to think about whether I want to continue with this series

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    UPD On a 2nd re read Ia's constant over explanation of things is slightly annoying But I've still enjoyed itGuys gals this book is AWESOME The scope the sheer complexity of it all is on par with DuneI have to admit straight away this is not a book for everyone and my 10 out of 10 is highly subjective because I personally grew up with reading and rereading Dune and gobbling up extremely popular military sci fi in Russia for breakfast lunch and dinner This is like a blast from the pastA Soldier's Duty has been on my shelves for about 7 8 months and then this Sunday I suddenly fancied some sci fi and picked it up Next thing I know it's 130 in the morning and I'm 34 of the way through the book and have to force myself to stopI finished it the next day and ordered book #2 straight away Now I have a bookish hangover which happens when the book was so good you are not uite ready to turn your attention to some other read You probably know exactly what I mean ;Ia is such a complex interesting intense and incredibly driven character There is always a barrier am inner detachment in her which comes from seeing everyone's future all the time the numerous probabilities in time currents The things this woman has to keep in her head would drive an average person mad but she perseveres because failure is not an option Failure means the annihilation of her galaxy Ia as a recruit and then as a Marine is always at the front of all action because it's the only way she can control the outcome Because she knows how to drive the events for the desirable outcome her actions become incredible even legendary feats of bravery and the whole book is one total non stop fest of action fights and battles while each of the event serves as another chess piece in Ia's GameIt's really hard to describe this book and I don't really want to give any spoilers to those who think they would appreciate the genre However what I can say is that Jean Johnson as a paranormal romance author only got a DNF from me I just couldn't read the book Jean Johnson as a sci fi author is a pure evil genius I couldn't stop reading Weird huh?Highly recommended but not for sci fi beginners I think

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    I rarely read military sci fi because it tends to glorify the things I find least admirable about humanity and there are rarely well developed female characters That's why I found the premise of A Soldier's Duty the first in a new series to be so refreshing It features a smart strong female protagonist who enters the military in an attempt to stave off the cataclysmic war that she has foreseen with her precognitive abilities She must hide her gifts and tread the narrow precipitous path to the future that has a tendency to be clouded when the most decisions need to be made It's a powerful idea that's largely well realized though there are some new series hiccups There is a lot of exposition though it tends to be fairly well integrated with training seuences and introductions to new characters I think my biggest problem with the book is that the protagonist is a bit too perfect naturally white hair high gravity induced super strength paired with unusual tallness the ability to tell stories in rhyme and of course unprecedented precognitive abilities without any appreciable faults I am hopeful that the lack of faults is because these early steps toward realizing a better future are so precarious and that any missteps would be fatal So hopefully in the future we'll get to see Ia make mistakes and perhaps chafe a bit under the yoke she chose The excerpt of the second book hints at this when we see Ia not on her own but with her family It was a wonderfully tantalizing taste of a human Ia and suggestions of what happens when she has to depend on other people to help her bring about a the best of all possible futures and not just herself and her prophecies I'm definitely looking forward to