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From a poor infertile region of China came a young boy named Kai to confront a ferocious white tiger a monsterous blue serpent and the greedy goddess in and by his heroism to win prosperity for his people Notable Children's Trade Books in the Field of Social Studies 2000 National Council for SS Child Book Council

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    This retelling of an old Chinese folktale tells of a boy Kai and his mother who is a masterful weaver When the mother weaves a beautiful brocade tapestry the greedy goddess in steals it Kai is determined to retrieve the tapestry but has to face the White Tiger and the Blue Serpent

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    Beautifully Illustrated a retold folk tale

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    The story reiterates a Chinese folktale that highlights hard work and persistence It has the most beautiful Chinese illustrations which is an art form of which many children will not have been exposed

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    I really liked this retelling of a Chinese folk tale It centers on a young boy who thrusts himself into continuous work so that his mother may weave and keep the most beautiful brocade in the barren and gray world In so doing he unknowingly gives himself the strength to successfully battle the goddess who keeps all the bounty and beauty of the earth in her realm When he battles to retrieve the brocade all the plants and animals escape from it to populate his world I loved the illustrations which gave the book an old timey feelMy daughter was not uite as enthralled and didn't go back to it Maybe next year

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    A beautiful Chinese folktale There was a little too much text on each page for my picture book taste but it's hard to simplify some folktales so I understand why

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    Retelling of a Chinese folktale that emphasizes hard work and diligence Beautiful illustrations in the style of Chinese

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    Just read this to my kids today and they loved it