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Tells Of The Wars Between The Bats And The Squirrels, Which Have Raged For Many Years In Different Corners Of The Land, Vesper, The Young Bat, And Ysabelle, The Squirrel Maiden, Are As Yet Unaware Of The Events Which Will Sweep Them Into A Nightmarish Journey

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    I think I should learn that Jarvis s books are very close to being dark fantasy horror I was surprised by how dark this book was, but it was very good It s a dark fantasy quest story with animal protagonists, but it is also a story of friendship, prejudice, religion and fate vs freewill I cared a lot about the main characters very unfortunate in any Jarvis book, I am learning , and through out the book was never sure which of the other characters were good or bad Very good, very dark, and certainly not for all tastes.

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    This is the second Robin Jarvis novel I ve read, and I continue to be amazed at how dark and depressing a story about squirrels, bats and mice can be I enjoyed the characters and the world Jarvis created, but the evil forces presented in the book are truly frightening.

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    I was lucky enough to have Robin Jarvis come to the Secondary School I was in, and do a talk about writing to encourage us kids He also had a sale of his books at the end and signed any we bought for us From his descriptions of Vesper the bat, I just knew I had to get a book with that character in it, and thus bought this one not caring it was the second part in a series I still have and treasure that signed copy, and re read it from time to time.His writing brings the scenes to life to the point I can see them now as I write about the book The story is about families of bats and squirrels at war with each other, at a fight for who will rule on the Oaken Throne If you liked Redwall or the Deptford Mice series, this is one for you.

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    Dark, but engrossing Lots of action, and ends with a tragic twist Don t expect daises and sunshine from the Oaken Throne Do expect murder, cannibalistic rituals, conniving squirrels, freaky hares, interspecies love, ghosts and other ghastly things, pure evil shooting up from the ground, and one hell of a ride.

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    A little bit Shakespeare, a little bit Canterbury tales, a little bit Tolkien One of Mr Jarvis unusual outings, it tells the back story of the animosity between the bats and the squirrels that is hinted at in the original Deptford Mice trilogy.Might not be everyone s cup of tea but some of the chapters are surprisingly powerful.

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    BLOODY HELL I might never recover from that ending.

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    I just found my new favorite book.

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    I ve always preferred Robin s humanity based books to his woodland creature features, but I have to say this one was uncommonly good almost a miniature Lord of The Rings of The Forest Twists and turns aplenty, as you d expect from the master, and every one of them signposted to high heaven when you go back to check if you ve been duped or not But Robin, Robin, Robin and I need to write this carefully to avoid spoilers what you did to him at the end, oh, that s so cruel So, so cruel It s why I love your books, but it s also why, in my heart of hearts, you make me despair.Lovely stuff

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    I think that there should be an entire series dedicated to this book alone I personally want to continue reading what happens to the characters When people read books they can become one with the characters and I need another story until then I am frozen in time and just going through the motions.

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    I LOVED this book this is one of Jarvis s best Nothing like becoming engrossed in a story with a twist which takes your breath away, and an ending that brings a tear to your eye Beautifully written and one of my favourite books.