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Why learn German? Why study German? Maybe a German exchange student sparked your interest or you have a friend who recommended it or you just like the way the language sounds Just in case you need some reassurance in your decision or the final push toward taking the plunge here are solid reasons why learning German may be a good choice for you Why young Germans are feeling gloomy about Why the Germans? Why the Jews? | Walmart Canada Achetez Why the Germans? Why the Jews? Walmart Canada Magasinez plus de Livres d'histoire disponible en ligne Walmartca Why Learn German? Compelling Reasons | Why Should I Learn German? Compelling Reasons German is easy to acquire Let’s start off by debunking the myth that German is especially hard Despite all the jokes that are being made about it being an impossible language if you are an English speaker you are actually already quite advantaged This is because German and English share the same Germanic Why the German Army is still avoiding its Nazi According to some historians and politicians Germans are still having a seriously hard time openly addressing the country's Nazi past Chronology The Germans in America European Several Germans were among the settlers at Jamestown Peter Minuit a German came to New Amsterdam to serve as the governor of the Dutch colony New Netherlands Later he governed the Swedish colony in Delaware Thirteen families of German Mennonites seeking religious freedom arrived in Pennsylvania led by Franz Pastorius they purchased BBC Travel Why people think Germans aren’t Why the Pennsylvania Germans Are Often Called This popular explanation of why the Pennsylvania Germans are often incorrectly called Pennsylvania Dutch fits into the plausible category of myths At first it seems logical that English speaking Pennsylvanians simply confused the word Deutsch for Dutch But then you have to ask yourself were they really that ignorant—and wouldn't the Pennsylvania Dutch BBC History World Wars The German Front The German 'Landser' At one level the experience of the German soldier 'Landser' in World War One was little different than that of the English 'Tommy' or the French 'Poilu' Why did the German Spring Offensive of fail The German economy was on the verge of collapse and it could barely feed its people This was perhaps the main reason why the German Offensive in Spring ultimately failed The German army was often hungry and its advances were often slowed as hungry troops pillaged captured allied supply depots There was also a critical shortage of fuel